Queen's University, Canada

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Andrew MouckVisual Attention2008 Daryl E. Wilson (grad student)
Alastair V. FergusenAnimal Physiology Biology, Neuroscience Biology
Patricia MinnesClinical Psychology
Daryl E. WilsonVisual Attention
Lyn ShulhaEducational Psychology Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education
David GilbertVisual Attention2008 Daryl E. Wilson (grad student)
Stephen VannerAnimal Physiology Biology, Neuroscience Biology
Lee FabrigarExperimental Psychology
R Meldrum Robertsonstress, central pattern generation, insect
Ronald R. HoldenClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology
Douglas R. Wylievisual neuroscience Barrie J. Frost (grad student)
James F. BrienPharmacology, Neuroscience Biology
Dean TrippClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Speech Communication
John AlbinsonHealth Education, Physical Education, Women's Studies, Physiological Psychology
Ian BrownBiomedical Engineering
Barbara KisilevskyDevelopmental Psychology
Larry WolfeHealth Education, Physical Education, Women's Studies, Physiological Psychology
Greg Lessard
Julian BarlingGeneral Business Administration, Industrial Psychology
Leandre R. FabrigarSocial Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology
Cynthia FekkenPersonality Psychology
Wendy CraigClinical Psychology
Kelly L. Shoemaker R Meldrum Robertson (grad student)
William L. GekoskiClinical Psychology, Mental Health
Nancy L. HutchinsonEducational Psychology Education, Social Psychology
Alistair W. MacLeanClinical Psychology
Parisa Abedi KhoozaniComputational Neuroscience, Bayesian Integration, Reference Frame Transformation
Jill JacobsonDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology
Rod C. L. LindsaySocial Psychology, Clinical Psychology
G Cynthia FekkenIndustrial Psychology, Administration Education
Maurice FeldmanDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology
Paul DupuisForensic Psychology Psychology Rod C. L. Lindsay (grad student)
Ray D. PetersDevelopmental Psychology
G. Keith Humphrey Peter Dodwell (post-doc), Darwin Muir (post-doc)
John Berry
Lola L. CuddyExperimental Psychology, Music
Cynthia Chataway Psychology John Berry (grad student)
Fred BolandSocial Psychology, Women's Studies
Arvi Rauk1968 Saul Wolfe (grad student)
William Forde ThompsonMusic perception and performance Psychology19821986 Lola L. Cuddy (grad student)
Hongjian Xu Biology19921997 R Meldrum Robertson (grad student)
Ken D. Dawson-ScullyNeuroprotection19961998 R Meldrum Robertson (grad student)
Wallace B. Rendellstress, central pattern generation, insect
Isabel FearonDevelopmental Psychology2000 Barbara Kisilevsky (grad student)
Paul L. Gribblemotor control, computational neuroscience19992000 Stephen H. Scott (post-doc), Susan J. Lederman (research assistant), Kevin G. Munhall (research assistant)
Mary-Lou NolteClinical Psychology, Rehabilitation and Therapy2000 Patricia Minnes (grad student)
Michael C. Dorris2000 Douglas P. Munoz (grad student)
John T. ArnedtClinical Psychology2000 Alistair W. MacLean (grad student)
Andrea L. DownieClinical Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Psychobiology Psychology, Human Development, Cognitive Psychology2000 Kevin G. Munhall (grad student)
Stefan G. SinclairRomance Literature, General Literature2000 Greg Lessard (grad student)
Claire V. CrooksDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2001 Ray D. Peters (grad student)
Allister T. MacIntyreSocial Psychology2001 Leandre R. Fabrigar (grad student)
Brian D. CorneilOculomotor neurophysiology19932001 Douglas P. Munoz (grad student)
Jeff W. BarclayExocytosis, synaptic transmission, C. elegans19962001 R Meldrum Robertson (grad student)
Jeff W. DawsonNeuroethology, biomechanics, insect flight19952001 R Meldrum Robertson (grad student)
Bernhard S. WuBusiness development19972001 R Meldrum Robertson (grad student)
Leslie S. PhillmoreSongbird, animal learning, neural basis of perception, seasonality19952001 Ronald G. Weisman (grad student)
Aaron P. HeenanRecreation2001 Larry Wolfe (grad student)
Willi R. SteinkeExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology, Music2002 Lola L. Cuddy (grad student)
Lindsay D. McLeodClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2002 Ronald R. Holden (grad student)
Anthea ZacharatosManagement Business Administration, Occupational Health and Safety2002 Julian Barling (grad student)
Louise WasylkiwPersonality Psychology2002 Cynthia Fekken (grad student)
Lynn M. WoodfordClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Women's Studies2002 Patricia Minnes (grad student)
Michelle C. DuwynSocial Psychology, Women's Studies2002 Fred Boland (grad student)
Victoria E. MacDermidNeuroscience Biology2002 Ken Rose (grad student)
Christine E. AllowayPhysiological Psychology, Clinical Psychology2002 Alistair W. MacLean (grad student)
Michael E. LantzExperimental Psychology, Music2002 Lola L. Cuddy (grad student)
Carole H. LamarcheBehavioral Psychology, Physiological Psychology2002 Alistair W. MacLean (grad student)
Christine K. KohCognitive Psychology, Music2002 Lola L. Cuddy (grad student)
Tracey L. O'SullivanHealth Education, Physical Education, Women's Studies, Physiological Psychology2002 John Albinson (grad student)
Frank A. RussoExperimental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Music2002 Lola L. Cuddy (grad student)
Frederic J. PoirierExperimental Psychology2003 Barrie J. Frost (grad student)
Kara A. ArnoldGeneral Business Administration, Industrial Psychology2003 Julian Barling (grad student)
Tanya J. SnicerPersonality Psychology, Educational Psychology Education2003 Cynthia Fekken (grad student)
Andrea R. KilgourExperimental Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology2003 Susan J. Lederman (grad student)
Kanwardeep SinghNeuroscience Biology, Physiological Psychology2004 Stephen H. Scott (grad student)
Katherine B. StarzykSocial Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2004 Ronald R. Holden (grad student)
Sheelagh JamiesonSocial Psychology, Developmental Psychology2004 Darwin Muir (grad student)
James G. PerrettaDopamine, reward, incentive learning2004 Richard J. Beninger (grad student)
Kathryne E. DupreManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology2004 Julian Barling (grad student)
Anjanie S. McCarthyDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology2004 Darwin Muir (grad student)
Glenn LegaultDopamine, reward, incentive learning2004 Richard J. Beninger (grad student)
Nicole E. RiellyClinical Psychology2004 Wendy Craig (grad student)
Ioulia SavinaDopamine, reward, incentive learning2004 Richard J. Beninger (grad student)
Suzanne L. RubinsteinDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology2004 Wendy Craig (grad student)
Laura D. JohnstonSocial Psychology2004 Leandre R. Fabrigar (grad student)
Lori A. BlessingClinical Psychology2004 Patricia Minnes (grad student)
Harinder S. AujlaReward & motivation, drugs of abuse19972004 Richard J. Beninger (grad student)
Jennifer C. LaforceDevelopmental Psychology, Social Psychology2004 Jill Jacobson (grad student)
Jan M. WilsonClinical Psychology, Women's Studies2004 Dean Tripp (grad student)
Angela R. Digout ErhardtSocial Psychology2005 Wendy Craig (grad student)
Bettina T. DeRyckClinical Psychology, Gerontology2005 Leandre R. Fabrigar (grad student)
Jennifer S. NachshenClinical Psychology2005 Patricia Minnes (grad student)
Markus K. Klose20002005 R Meldrum Robertson (grad student)
Karin Steiner BellEducational Psychology Education, Social Psychology2005 Nancy L. Hutchinson (grad student)
Tom Money Biology20022006 R Meldrum Robertson (grad student)
Dominique A. Potvin Department of Biology20052006 Jennifer Foote (research assistant)
Evelyn A. ForsterCognition, Reasoning, Creativity, Humour, Artificial Intelligence20062007 Greg Lessard (research assistant)
Qian XiaoVisual System20072009 Barrie J. Frost (post-doc)
Gary AB Armstrongzebrafish20032009 R Meldrum Robertson (grad student)
Corinne I. Rodgers20042010 R Meldrum Robertson (grad student)
Keith K. FenrichSpinal cord physiology/pathology20032010 Ken Rose (grad student)
Michelle VilleneuveHealth Education, Occupational Therapy Education2011 Nancy L. Hutchinson (grad student)
Meghan E. NorrisExperimental Psychology Psychology2011 Lee Fabrigar (grad student)
Julie N. BuchanCognitive Psychology Psychology2011 Kevin G. Munhall (grad student)
Tessen CliffordClinical Psychology Psychology2011 Patricia Minnes (grad student)
Laura G. RosenOpiate addiction, reward learning, behavioural pharmacology
Laura A. McEwenCurriculum and Instruction Education Education2013 Lyn Shulha (grad student)
Sahara C. Khademullah20112013 Alastair V. Ferguson (grad student)
Takuro IkedaVision, Attention, Saccade
Kristin Spong Biology20112015 R Meldrum Robertson (grad student)
Chengfeng Xiao Biology20112016 R Meldrum Robertson (grad student)
Shuang Qiu Biology Biology20142017 R Meldrum Robertson (grad student), Chengfeng Xiao (grad student)
Matti Douglas Allenneuromuscular physiology, electromyography, peripheral neuropathy, neuromuscular disease