University of Hawai'i at Manoa

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Andrea FleigIon channels Peter C. Ruben (grad student), Martin Rayner (grad student)
Luca OnnisPsycholinguistics, computational modeling20032006 Erik D. Thiessen (collaborator), Morten H. Christiansen (post-doc)
Timothy C. TricasSensory biology and behavior of fishes19781986 Ernst S. Reese (grad student)
Lanikea B. Kingbehavioral neuroscience, social neuroscience, neurogenetics20062008 Robert J. Blanchard (research assistant), D C. Blanchard (research assistant)
Lester C. LoschkyVisual cognition, Scene perception19871990 Craig Chaudron (grad student)
Deborah AltschulClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology
Cale D. PalmerClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2009 Elaine Heiby (grad student)
Karen P. Maruskafish neurobiology and behavior20002007 Timothy C. Tricas (grad student)
Louis M. HermanEcology Biology, Behavioral Psychology
Ernest N. LibariosHigher Education Administration Education, Higher Education, Multilingual Education, Asian American Studies, Hispanic American Studies2013 Linda K. Johnsrud (grad student)
Jes StollbergNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology
Winter C. HamadaClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2006 Deborah Altschul (grad student)
Sungkun ChoClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2010 Elaine Heiby (grad student)
Stephen M. Kajiuraelasmobranch behavior and sensory systems2001 Kim N. Holland (grad student)
Adam K. Dewanneurobiology of social behavior20032010 Timothy C. Tricas (grad student)
Erica M. OkadaMarketing Business Administration, Behavioral Psychology
Marie IdingEducational Psychology Education
Linda K. JohnsrudHigher Education, Administration Education, Industrial Psychology
Barbara D. DeBarysheEducational Psychology Education, Reading Education, Clinical Psychology
Puihan J. ChaoClinical Psychology2010 Elaine Heiby (grad student)
Karen A. MiyamotoMusic Education2004 Barbara McLain (grad student)
Robin E. Nussbaum2006 Elaine Hatfield (grad student)
Alison S. CraigZoology Biology, Oceanography Biology2001 Louis M. Herman (grad student)
Elizabeth V. PeecookEducational Psychology Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2000 Marie Iding (grad student)
Gilfred TanabeIndustrial Psychology
Karl A. MinkeDevelopmental Psychology, Experimental Psychology
Chun-I LiClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2011 Elaine Heiby (grad student)
Chris M. MarkhamPsychobiology Psychology, Neuroscience Biology2005 Robert J. Blanchard (grad student)
Shih-Yu LinMusic Education, Higher Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2006 Barbara McLain (grad student)
Marlow D. Davis2006 Elaine Hatfield (grad student)
Robert K. UyeyamaOceanography Biology2007 Louis M. Herman (grad student)
Hisako KakaiEducational Psychology Education2001 Marie Iding (grad student)
Mark D. RapportClinical Psychology
Bill RemusInformation Science, General Business Administration, Cognitive Psychology
Arthur W. StaatsSocial Psychology, Personality Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology
Mu YangPsychobiology Psychology2006 Robert J. Blanchard (grad student)
Joseph M. RuszkowskiMusic Education, Secondary Education2006 Barbara McLain (grad student)
Yen-Chi L. Le2008 Elaine Hatfield (grad student)
Caroline M. DeLongCognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Zoology Biology2003 Herbert R. Roitblat (grad student)
Rosemarie G. WoodruffEducational Psychology Education, Higher Education, Personality Psychology2006 Marie Iding (grad student)
Rebecca KnuthManagement Business Administration, Information Science, Industrial Psychology
Lara-ann K. LeeNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology2001 Jes Stollberg (grad student)
Ann BayerEducational Psychology Education, Rhetoric and Composition Language
Morris K. LaiEducational Psychology Education, Elementary Education
Erwin B. DefensorBehavioral Sciences Psychology, Neuroscience Biology2013 Robert J. Blanchard (grad student)
Lon WhitePathology, Neuroscience Biology
Dan Rempala2008 Elaine Hatfield (grad student)
Robert J. BlanchardBehavioral Neuroscience
Elena IndjievaLinguistics Language2009 Victoria B. Anderson (grad student)
Kaori UekiLinguistics Language2011 Victoria B. Anderson (grad student)
Jennifer Campbell-MeierLibrary Science, Information Science, Mass Communications2008 Rebecca Knuth (grad student)
Cheryl M. RamosIndustrial Psychology2001 Gilfred Tanabe (grad student)
David PaiInformation Science, General Business Administration, Cognitive Psychology2006 Bill Remus (grad student)
Katherine A. TibbettsEducational Psychology Education, Elementary Education2004 Morris K. Lai (grad student)
Fumiko IriePublic Health2007 Lon White (grad student)
Skyler T. Hawk2009 Elaine Hatfield (grad student)
Ashley L. JensenBehavioral Neuroscience
Donna G. Bair-MundyLaw, Speech Communication, Criminology and Penology, United States History2009 Rebecca Knuth (grad student)
Patrick K. UchigakiuchiClinical Psychology2001 Mark D. Rapport (grad student)
Monica Stitt-BerghEducational Psychology Education, Rhetoric and Composition Language2008 Ann Bayer (grad student)
Anna L. Ah SamEducational Psychology Education, Higher Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2005 Morris K. Lai (grad student)
Sajung YunPathology, Neuroscience Biology2009 Lon White (grad student)
Lisamarie Bensman2011 Elaine Hatfield (grad student)
Mark F. HenteleffGeneral Biophysics2001 Martin Rayner (grad student)
Jeng-Her ChenInformation Science, Library Science, Web Studies2011 Rebecca Knuth (grad student)
Kyong-Mee ChungClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2002 Mark D. Rapport (grad student)
Paul E. NachtigallCognitive Psychology, Zoology Biology
Jon-Paul BinghamBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology
Aparajita Jeedigunta2012 Elaine Hatfield (grad student)
Andreas HejnolEvolution of the nervous system20042009 Mark Q. Martindale (post-doc)
David A. Strang2005 Ernst S. Reese (grad student)
Ping-An LiNeuroscience Biology
Kamana'opono M. CrabbePsychometrics Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, Social Psychology2002 Mark D. Rapport (grad student)
Brian K. BranstetterCognitive Psychology, Zoology Biology2005 Paul E. Nachtigall (grad student)
Zachary L. BergeronBiochemistry, Molecular Biology, Neuroscience Biology2013 Jon-Paul Bingham (grad student)
Dana R. Arakawa2012 Elaine Hatfield (grad student)
Nian Liu2012 Benjamin K. Bergen (grad student)
George C. FiedlerZoology Biology, Anatomy Biology2000 Ernst S. Reese (grad student)
Chaonan DingNeuroscience Biology2005 Ping-An Li (grad student)
Melinda S. WoodHigher Education, Administration Education2000 Linda K. Johnsrud (grad student)
Jill M. Oliveira-BerryClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Criminology and Penology2001 Stephen N. Haynes (grad student)
Michelle M. YuenZoology Biology, Psychometrics Psychology, Fisheries and Aquaculture Agriculture, Animal Physiology Biology2005 Paul E. Nachtigall (grad student)
Elaine HeibyClinical Psychology
Shari Paige2014 Elaine Hatfield (grad student)
Danielle M Young20072011 Elaine Hatfield (grad student)
Rockefeller S.L. Youngvisual system, pupil, color vision Robert E. Cole (grad student)
Arthur HarveyMusic, Music Education, Cognitive Psychology
Leslie K. OkojiGuidance and Counseling Education, Educational Psychology Education, Secondary Education2008 Ann Bayer (grad student)
Regina L. EdwardsHigher Education, Administration Education, Industrial Psychology2001 Linda K. Johnsrud (grad student)
Joseph K. KaholokulaClinical Psychology, Public Health, Ethnic and Racial Studies2003 Stephen N. Haynes (grad student)
Aude F. PaciniZoology Biology, Oceanography Biology2011 Paul E. Nachtigall (grad student)
Letitia M. YimClinical Psychology2004 Elaine Heiby (grad student)
Peter G. MezoClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2005 Elaine Heiby (grad student)
Catherine F. Farrokhi2007 Robert J. Blanchard (grad student)
Robert E. Cole
Barbara McLainMusic, Music Education, Cognitive Psychology
Mark H. DeakosEcology Biology, Behavioral Psychology2010 Karl A. Minke (grad student)
Jocelyn S. BanariaHigher Education, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2004 Linda K. Johnsrud (grad student)
Judy M. HoganClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology2006 Stephen N. Haynes (grad student)
Robert StoddenHigher Education, Educational Psychology Education, Adult and Continuing Education
Fung L. HoClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Oncology2005 Elaine Heiby (grad student)
Benjamin K. BergenMental simulation in language understanding
Nathan S. Pentkowski2007 Robert J. Blanchard (grad student)
Curtis S. IkeharaExperimental Psychology2001 Robert E. Cole (grad student)
Marguerite E. NeringMusic, Music Education, Cognitive Psychology2002 Arthur Harvey (grad student)
Kazyuo AsadaEducational Psychology Education, Reading Education, Clinical Psychology2007 Barbara D. DeBaryshe (grad student)
Joanne Y. TairaHigher Education, Administration Education2004 Linda K. Johnsrud (grad student)
Kathrine M. FastClinical Psychology, Gerontology, Aging2010 Stephen N. Haynes (grad student)
Thomas W. ChristHigher Education, Educational Psychology Education, Adult and Continuing Education2006 Robert Stodden (grad student)
Dianne M. ShumayClinical Psychology, Oncology, Women's Studies2005 Elaine Heiby (grad student)
Yoav Litvin2008 Robert J. Blanchard (grad student)
Teresa J. McCrearyMusic Education, Tests and Measurements Education2001 Barbara McLain (grad student)
Anne R. FreeseCurriculum and Instruction Education, Secondary Education, Developmental Psychology
Tomoko YoshidaAdministration Education, Higher Education, Individual and Family Studies2005 Linda K. Johnsrud (grad student)
Iruma BelloClinical Psychology, Mental Health2012 Stephen N. Haynes (grad student)
Joshua H. FoutsCurriculum and Instruction Education, Special Education2008 Robert Stodden (grad student)
Lisa M. GallowayCurriculum and Instruction Education2012 Robert Stodden (grad student)
Carrie L. LukensClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Public Health, Behavioral Psychology2009 Elaine Heiby (grad student)
Brandon L. Pearson20082012 Robert J. Blanchard (grad student)
Amber S. MakaiauCurriculum and Instruction Education, Secondary Education, Developmental Psychology2010 Anne R. Freese (grad student)
Lynn T. InoshitaHigher Education, Higher Education Administration Education, Industrial Psychology2012 Linda K. Johnsrud (grad student)
Cynthia S. J'AnthonyClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Military Studies2013 Stephen N. Haynes (grad student)
Kenneth Balak Bekesy Laboratory Jeffrey T. Corwin (post-doc)
Takashi Tominagaoptical recording, hippocampus
Christopher Hamilton Geology & Geophysics20042010 Sarah Fagents (grad student)
Bryn HaukLanguage documentation Linguistics20122020 Andrea L. Berez (grad student)
Herbert R. Roitblat
Andrea H. HermosuraClinical Psychology, Public Health, Native American Studies, Physiological Psychology Psychology2014 Stephen N. Haynes (grad student)
Michael Caruso Psychology Lorey Takahashi (research assistant)
Stephen N. HaynesClinical Psychology, Public Health, Native American Studies, Physiological Psychology
Corey E. Flanders Psychology2014 Elaine Hatfield (grad student)
Kentaro Hayashi
Kristin J. Paukerthin slices, nonverbal communication, dialect theory
Adam A. Pack Psychology Louis M. Herman (grad student)
Craig ChaudronSecond language acquisition
Bradley T. RentzLinguistics, Language Documentation, Discourse, Micronesian Languages SLS Linguistics Linguistics Linguistics Linguistics Linguistics Linguistics Linguistics Linguistics Linguistics20162018 Christina M. Higgins (grad student), Andrea L. Berez (grad student), Kenneth L. Rehg (grad student), Victoria B. Anderson (collaborator), Amy Schafer (collaborator), Robert A. Blust (grad student), William D. O'Grady (grad student), Gary M. Holton (grad student), Victoria B. Anderson (grad student), Amy Schafer (grad student)
Ernst S. ReeseAnimal Behavior