Montreal Neurological Institute, McGill University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Vincent Bonhomme19971999 Tomas Paus (grad student)
Phil Barker
Alby RichardVisuo-motor electrophysiology2005 Daniel Guitton (grad student), Clayton T. Dickson (grad student)
Alex I Wiesmanneural oscillations, cognition, attention, visual perception Biological & Biomedical Engineering2020 Sylvain Baillet (post-doc)
Michael L. WaterstonVisual System, Motion, TMS2007 Christopher C. Pack (grad student)
Jean GotmanEpilepsy, fMRI, neuroimaging, EEG
Jean Mary Zarate Robert Zatorre (grad student)
Francois J. TadelSoftware development for MEG/EEG2007 Sylvain Baillet (research scientist)
Nicolás von Ellenrieder2014 Jean Gotman (research scientist)
Sylvain BailletMagnetoencephalography, Electroencephalography, Source Imaging, Inverse Problems, Neuroimaging, MRI, stroke, epilepsy
Taha GholipourEpilepsy, Magnetic Resonance Imaging, EEG, Machine Learning2009 Jean Gotman (post-doc)
Abdullah Azeem2018 Jean Gotman (grad student)
Tomas Pauspopulation neuroscience19952010 Brenda Milner (post-doc), Robert Zatorre (collaborator), Michael Petrides (post-doc)
Esther Florin
Andreas M. KoupparisSleep EEG; EEG-fMRI2018 Jean Gotman (post-doc)
Konstantinos NasiotisVisual System, MEG, Neuronal Systems Modeling, Biomedical Signal Processing, Computational Neuroscience
Massimo AvoliEpilepsy1979 Pierre Gloor (grad student)
Denise Klein Brenda Milner (grad student)
George K. Kostopoulos Pierre Gloor (post-doc), Jean Gotman (collaborator)
Morris MoscovitchMemory, attention, face and object perception Brenda Milner (post-doc)
Adrian Mark Owenattention Michael Petrides (post-doc)
Theodoros ZanosVisual System, Neuronal Systems Modeling, Biomedical Signal Processing, Computational Neuroscience2009 Christopher C. Pack (post-doc)
James Man Git TsuiVisual System Christopher C. Pack (grad student)
Stefano Stifani
Richard Luke Danielssomatosensation2005 Daniel Guitton (grad student)
Mary Pat McAndrewshuman memory, hippocampus, epilepsy19871989 Brenda Milner (post-doc)
Nina Hofle19931997 Tomas Paus (grad student)
Clayton T. DicksonBrain rhythms19941999 Angel Alonso (post-doc)
Michael A. Colicosstructural synaptic plasticity19961999 Timothy E. Kennedy (grad student)
Perttu Sipila19992000 Tomas Paus (research scientist)
Narly A. Golestani19942001 Tomas Paus (grad student)
Katherine Velikonja19992002 Tomas Paus (grad student)
Simone Dalla Bella20012002 Tomas Paus (post-doc)
Antonio Strafella19992002 Tomas Paus (post-doc)
Ysbrand Van der WerfSleep & Cognition20002003 Tomas Paus (post-doc)
Serge O. DumoulinPerception, Cognition, Neuroscience, Vision, Neuroimaging19982003 Alan Charles Evans (grad student)
Maan-Gee LeeControl of brain activity, Operant conditioning of neuronal activity20012003 Barbara E. Jones (research scientist)
Kate Watkinsneuroimaging and neuropsychology19992003 Tomas Paus (post-doc)
Jennifer Barrett19992004 Tomas Paus (grad student)
Nicolas X. TritschBasal Ganglia, Synaptic Physiology, Motor Control20012004 Timothy E. Kennedy (grad student)
Cecilia Floresneural plasticity20012004 Timothy E. Kennedy (post-doc)
Chadwick B. BoulayBrain-Computer Interface20022004 Tomas Paus (grad student)
Catriona Syme20032005 Tomas Paus (grad student)
Marie-Helene GrosbrasCognitive neuroscience, eye movements, social perception, adolescent brain development20012005 Tomas Paus (post-doc)
Valeria Della MaggioreMotor system, Action observation20032005 Tomas Paus (post-doc)
Farhan Abdurrehman KhawajaVisual neurophysiology20042005 Angel Alonso (grad student), Christopher C. Pack (grad student)
Philippe A. ChouinardVision, Cognitive Neuroscience19992005 Tomas Paus (grad student)
Chantal LafranceNeuroscience Biology20032005 Tomas Paus (post-doc)
Petr Hanzalek20032006 Tomas Paus (research scientist)
Pablo HennyNeuron and brain structure, sleep/wake mechanisms, motor control20012006 Barbara E. Jones (grad student)
Motoharu YoshidaMemory, Neural Dynamics20042006 Angel Alonso (post-doc)
Sidney Hsin-Kang HsiehAxon Guidance, Alzheimer's Disease, Neuroinflammation20032006 Alyson Fournier (grad student), David Kaplan (research assistant)
Simon W. MooreGene Therapy20012007 Timothy E. Kennedy (grad student)
Marc SchönwiesnerAuditory Neuroscience20052008 Robert Zatorre (post-doc)
Rosanne Aleong20022008 Tomas Paus (grad student)
Patrick Bermudez20012009 Robert Zatorre (grad student)
Nicolas StifaniNeurosciences, Spinal Cord, networks20062012 Stefano Stifani (grad student)
Nicolas UnsainNeurodegeneration20092014 Phil Barker (post-doc)
Sujaya NeupaneVisual system