Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Nikolaos C. AggelopoulosNeurophysiology
Ahmet Oguz Akyuz Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Christian Altmann Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Bernd Antkowiak
Marios N. Avraamidesspatial cognition and memory20032003 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (post-doc)
Frederico Augusto Casarsa de AzevedoNon-human primate visual System20092016 Nikos K. Logothetis (grad student), Nikos K. Logothetis (grad student)
Raymundo Baez MendozaReward Physiology Kari L. Hoffman (grad student)
Hamed BahmaniSystems Neuroscience2009 Nikos K. Logothetis (research scientist)
Michael Barnett-CowanMultisensory, perception and action, psychophysics, vestibular system20092012 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (post-doc)
Kai Basten Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Sandra Beck19982001 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student), Thomas Kammer (grad student)
Philipp BerensNeural Coding, Early Vision2007 Andreas S. Tolias (research assistant), Matthias Bethge (grad student), Alexander S. Ecker (collaborator)
Daniel R. BergerVisual Perception, Electron Microscopy, Connectomics, Mammalian Cortex Heinrich H. Buelthoff (research scientist), Karl Beykirch (research scientist)
Isabelle Berndt Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Michel BesserveComputational neuroscience, functional connectivity2008 Nikos K. Logothetis (post-doc), Bernhard Schölkopf (post-doc)
Matthias BethgeEarly Vision Bruno A. Olshausen (post-doc), Felix A. Wichmann (collaborator)
Karl Beykirch
Volker Blanz Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Aline BompasHuman Perception20052006 Marc O. Ernst (grad student)
Martin Breidt
Jean-Pierre BrescianiHuman Perception20032006 Marc O. Ernst (post-doc), Heinrich H. Buelthoff (post-doc)
Anne-Marie BrouwerPerception for Recognition and Action20022005 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (post-doc)
Isabelle Buelthoff Heinrich H. Buelthoff (collaborator)
Heinrich H. BuelthoffPsychophysics, Cognition, Computer Vision, Robotics Martin Breidt (collaborator), Cristóbal Curio (collaborator), Stephan de la Rosa (collaborator), Tobias Meilinger (collaborator), Roy Ruddle (collaborator), Peter Scarfe (collaborator)
Isabelle Bülthoff
John ButlerHuman Perception20052007 Stuart T. Smith (post-doc)
Jennifer Campos20072009 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (post-doc)
Ted Camus Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Luiz Henrique Canto-Pereira
Chandramouli ChandrasekaranAuditory Cortex, Coherence20042005 Zoe Kourtzi (grad student)
Dong-Seon ChangAction recognition, Social interaction Human Perception, Cognition and Action20122016 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student), Stephan de la Rosa (grad student)
Astros Chatziastros Heinrich H. Buelthoff (research scientist)
Chris ChristouVirtual Environments and Computer Graphics19961999 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (post-doc)
Lewis L. ChuangObject Recognition2004 Quoc C. Vuong (grad student)
Verena ConradHuman Perception2004 Marc O. Ernst (grad student), Quoc C. Vuong (grad student)
Theresa Cooke Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Douglas W. Cunninghamintegration of Psychophysics and Computer Graphics20022006 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (research scientist)
Cristóbal Curio
Uwe CzubaykoBasal ganglia, connectivity Jason N D Kerr (research scientist)
Christoph D. DahlVision20072010 Nikos K. Logothetis (grad student), Christoph Kayser (grad student), Kari L. Hoffman (grad student)
Stephan de la Rosa
Massimiliano Di LucaPerception, Psychophysics, Multisensory perception, Time perception, Haptics 20092011 Marc O. Ernst (post-doc), Peter W. Battaglia (collaborator), Michael Barnett-Cowan (collaborator)
Hartwig Distler Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Katharina Dobsvisual system, face perception, computational cognitive neuroscience20102014 Isabelle Bülthoff (grad student)
Knut Drewinghaptics, multimodal perception, timing20032005 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (post-doc), Marc O. Ernst (post-doc)
Abhilash DwarakanathSystems Neuroscience
Alexander S. EckerPrimate visual system, Computational neuroscience20032007 Andreas S. Tolias (research assistant)
Marc O. Ernst20092011 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (research scientist), Peter W. Battaglia (collaborator), Michael Barnett-Cowan (collaborator)
Oxana Eschenko"Neurobiology Learning and Memory", "Neuromodulation"2006 Nikos K. Logothetis (research scientist)
Henry C. EvrardInsula, Subjective Feelings, Decision, Consciousness, Interoception2009 Nikos K. Logothetis (research scientist)
Leonid A. Fedorovvisual system, perception of actions, neural data analysis2018 Nikos K. Logothetis (post-doc)
Martina Feierabend
Fatima Maria FelisbertiVision - Cognitive neuroscience Kuno Kirschfeld (grad student)
Lorenz A Fenk Andreas Bartels (research assistant)
Roland W. FlemingVisual System20092011 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (research scientist), Michael Barnett-Cowan (collaborator)
Thomas Forro20092009 Henry C. Evrard (research assistant)
Jaco Fourie Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Nicolas H FranceschiniNeuroscience, Vision, Compound eyes, Micro-optics, Fly, Motion detecting neurons, Motion perception, Biorobotics, Bio-inspired motion and position sensors, Bio-inspired autopilots
Gerald Franzexperience of architectural space20012006 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (post-doc)
Volker H. Franz Karl R. Gegenfurtner (grad student), Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student), Manfred Fahle (grad student)
Ilja FrissenHuman Perception2005 Marc O. Ernst (post-doc)
Michael Fritschi Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Karl R. GegenfurtnerVisual system19932000 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (post-doc), Felix A. Wichmann (collaborator)
Holly E. GerhardVisual psychophysics2010 Matthias Bethge (post-doc)
Sabine Gillner Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Paolo Robuffo Giordano2008 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (post-doc)
Markus Graf Heinrich H. Buelthoff (research scientist)
Arnulf B.A. Graf Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
David S. GreenbergCortical population analysis2005 Jason N D Kerr (post-doc)
Sonja Grünidentification of network interactions, correlation analyses, spike train analysis, data management19891991 Hermann Wagner (research assistant)
Jessica Hartcher-O'Brien2011 Marc O. Ernst (grad student), Massimiliano Di Luca (grad student)
Renee Hartig2014 Henry C. Evrard (research assistant)
David Johannes HawellekSpontaneous brain activity20072007 Loes van Dam (research assistant)
Yi HeMRI (Function & Diffusion)20142017 Xin Yu (grad student)
Hannah B. HelbigHuman Perception Marc O. Ernst (grad student)
Roland Hengstenberg19932005 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (research scientist), Karl Georg Goetz (research scientist)
Diana Hernandez2010 Henry C. Evrard (grad student)
Kari L. Hoffmanface processing, learning and memory Nikos K. Logothetis (research scientist)
Felicitas Marietta HornAnatomy, Insula, von Economo neurons
Susanne Huber19931997 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Elisabeth Huberle Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Wolfgang Huebner Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Bon-Woo Hwang Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Robin A A Incestatistics, neuroimaging, information theory Nikos K. Logothetis (post-doc), Christoph Kayser (post-doc)
Georg JahnHuman Spatial Reasoning, Spatial Language, Dialogue and Discourse Comprehension, Bounded Rationality, Multiple Object Tracking, Human Factors (Driver Information Systems)20042005 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (post-doc)
Frank JäkelCategorization Bernhard Schölkopf (grad student)
Thomas KammerTranscranial Magnetic Stimulation19962003 Kuno Kirschfeld (research scientist)
Vishal KapoorVisual perception
Ahmed A. KarimTranscranial cortex stimulation, neuroplasticity and learning, clinical neuroscience and psychotherapy, brain-computer interface, neural correlates of deception and moral cognition Kuno Kirschfeld (grad student)
Georgios A. KelirisVisual System/Perception20082008 Nikos K. Logothetis (grad student), Nikos K. Logothetis (post-doc), Andreas S. Tolias (grad student)
Jason N D KerrCellular physiology, sensory systems, population imaging
Kuno Kirschfeld Bernhard Hassenstein (grad student), Werner Reichardt (research scientist)
Barbara Knappmeyer Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Markus Knauff20032004 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (research scientist)
Christof KochComputation19801982 Valentino Braitenberg (grad student)
Zoe Kourtzivisual cognitive neuroscience20022005 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (research scientist)
Shih-Pi KufMRI Andreas S. Tolias (grad student)
Christoph LangeHuman Perception Marc O. Ernst (grad student)
Michael S. LangerComputer vision, with an emphasis on computational modelling of human vision19982000 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (research scientist)
Vaia Lestou Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Qinglin LiVisual System/Perception2011 Georgios A. Keliris (grad student)
Jeffrey C. Liter19951998 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (post-doc)
Tonja MachullaHuman Perception20072015 Marc O. Ernst (grad student), Massimiliano Di Luca (grad student), Peter W. Battaglia (collaborator)
Jakob H. MackeComputation and Theory, Vision20052010 Matthias Bethge (grad student), Bernhard Schölkopf (grad student)
Hanspeter A. MallotComptational Vision, Spatial Cognition19932000 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (research scientist)
Katja M. Mayerobject recognition, temporal judgments, brain imaging20062007 Massimiliano Di Luca (research assistant)
Tobias Meilinger20092011 Michael Barnett-Cowan (collaborator)
Andreas Muehlberger Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Yusuke Murayama1999 Nikos K. Logothetis (post-doc)
Devika Narain20082009 Marc O. Ernst (research assistant), Massimiliano Di Luca (research assistant), Loes van Dam (research assistant)
Alessandro Nestimultisensory integration, vestibular psychophysics, biotech2011 Paolo Pretto (grad student)
Titus Neumann Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Benedict Shien Wei Ng Christoph Kayser (grad student)
Kristina J. NielsenVisual system20002006 Nikos K. Logothetis (grad student), Gregor Rainer (grad student), G. Rodrigo Sigala A. (collaborator)
Uta Noppeney
Giuseppe Notaro Jason N D Kerr (post-doc)
Alice O'Tooleperception, memory, and cognition, with special interests in recognition memory for faces19951996 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (research scientist)
David OmerNeurophysiology of social cognition20092015 Nikos K. Logothetis (post-doc)
Dietrich Opitz Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Michael Ortiz-RiosAuditory Neuroscience
Bernhard Ostler Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
V. S. Chandrasekhar PammiSequence Learning, Decision Making, crossmodal integration Uta Noppeney (research scientist)
Theofanis PanagiotaropoulosVisual system, early experiences, learning and memory
Anna-Antonia PapeDecision Making, Psychophysics, Psychophysiology20102010 Loes van Dam (research assistant)
Verena Pawlak Jason N D Kerr (research scientist)
Catherine Perrodinelectrophysiology, auditory processing, neural coding, microcircuits Christoph Kayser (grad student), Christopher I. Petkov (grad student), Nikos K. Logothetis (grad student), Henry Markram (research assistant)
Karin S. Pilzvisual perception, motion perception, ageing, face and object recognition20032007 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student), Ian M. Thornton (grad student)
Myrthe A. PlaisierHaptic perception Marc O. Ernst (post-doc)
Paolo Pretto Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Klaas Puls Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Vishnudev Ramashandra Jason N D Kerr (grad student)
Juan F. Ramirez-VillegasSystems Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience, Neurodynamics2013 Nikos K. Logothetis (grad student), Michel Besserve (grad student)
Isabel Raposo20192020 Nelson K. Totah (grad student)
Alexander Rauch Nikos K. Logothetis (research scientist)
Wilson Readinger Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Alexandra Reichenbachmotor control, perception for action in humans, sensorimotor integration, posterior parietal cortex, TMS, fMRI20072010 Marc O. Ernst (research assistant), Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student), Jean-Pierre Bresciani (grad student)
Tobias Reisbeck Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Ryan Remediosin vivo neurophysiology & optophysiology Christoph Kayser (grad student), Nikos K. Logothetis (grad student)
Jan Restat20032004 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (post-doc)
Jochem Rieger Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Pedro RosasPsychophysics, visual perception19992004 Felix A. Wichmann (grad student)
Rainer Rothkegel Heinrich H. Buelthoff (post-doc)
Roy Ruddle
Stefanie Rulla Jason N D Kerr (grad student)
Alexa Ruppertsberg Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Sepideh SadaghianifMRI, functional connectivity, intrinsic activity, alertness, perceptual awareness20062007 Uta Noppeney (grad student), Kamil Uludag (grad student)
Shervin Safavi2012 Michel Besserve (research assistant), Nikos K. Logothetis (research assistant)
Pegah Sarkheil Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Ralf Saur Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Juergen Sawinski Jason N D Kerr (research scientist)
Peter Scarfe2008 Alan Johnston (post-doc), Paul Hibbard (grad student), Marc O. Ernst (research scientist)
Arno C. Schmitt Jason N D Kerr (grad student)
Bernhard SchölkopfMachine Learning Felix A. Wichmann (collaborator), Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student), Klaus-Robert Müller (grad student)
Almut SchuezCerebral cortex, functional neuroanatomy
Biswa SenguptaMetabolic efficiency, Bayesian Statistics, PDEs20072007 Andreas S. Tolias (grad student), Matthias Bethge (grad student), Kevin Whittingstall (grad student), Cornelius Schwarz (grad student)
Ulrike Siebeck Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Natasha SigalaVisual perception, categorization, attention19972001 Nikos K. Logothetis (grad student)
G. Rodrigo Sigala A.Neurophysiology Gregor Rainer (grad student), Nikos K. Logothetis (grad student), Valentino Braitenberg (research scientist)
Michael A. SilverVisual cortex, attention20002002 Nikos K. Logothetis (post-doc)
Fabian Sinzsensory systems; computational neuroscience20072012 Matthias Bethge (grad student)
Jennifer Smuda
Jan Soumanpsychophysics Marc O. Ernst (post-doc)
Florian Soykamultisensory integration, vestibular psychophysics, autonomous vehicles20122013 Michael Barnett-Cowan (grad student), Paolo Robuffo Giordano (grad student), Heinrich H. Buelthoff (post-doc)
Sybille Steck Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Kerstin Stockmeier Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Wolfgang Stuerzl Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Fahad Sultan Valentino Braitenberg (grad student)
Lili Tcheang Heinrich H. Buelthoff (research scientist)
Wataru Teramoto Heinrich H. Buelthoff (research scientist)
Ian M. Thorntonon how the brain represents information that changes over time20012005 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (research scientist), Quoc C. Vuong (collaborator)
Bosco S. Tjan19961998 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (post-doc)
Nikolaus TrojeBiology and Psychology of visual perception19941997 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (research scientist)
Mar Ubero del Mar2010 Henry C. Evrard (grad student)
Kamil Uludag20032004 Richard B. Buxton (grad student)
Loes van DamHuman Perception and Action Marc O. Ernst (post-doc), Raymond van Ee (grad student)
Hendrick-Jan van Veen19661999 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Julia Veitvisual cortex, oscillations, electrophysiology20072009 Nikos K. Logothetis (research assistant)
Thomas Vetterautomated image understanding19932000 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (research scientist)
Manuel VidalCognitive and Computational Psychophysics20042006 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (post-doc)
Marco VitelloHuman Perception Marc O. Ernst (grad student)
Julia VogelDecision making for visual search. Statistical scene, object, and context understanding. Psychophysics of human scene perception.20052005 Heinrich H. Buelthoff (post-doc)
Markus von der Heyde Heinrich H. Buelthoff (research scientist)
Michael Vorwerg Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Christian Walder Heinrich H. Buelthoff (research scientist)
Damian J. Wallace Jason N D Kerr (research scientist)
Guy Wallis Heinrich H. Buelthoff (collaborator), Edmund Rolls (grad student)
Christian Wallraven Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Qiang Wang2019 Xin Yu (grad student)
Lara Webber Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Andrew Welchmanvision Heinrich H. Buelthoff (post-doc)
Kevin WhittingstallEEG Nikos K. Logothetis (post-doc)
Felix A. WichmannPsychophysics, Vision, Statistics, Computational Modelling20022007 Bernhard Schölkopf (post-doc)
Hannes M. WiesnerfMRI and PET
Ken Yasuhara Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Scott Yu Heinrich H. Buelthoff (grad student)
Xin YuNeuroimaging, fMRI, plasticity, Neurovascular Coupling,
Ali Danish ZaidiVisual perception, Psychophysics2012 Nikos K. Logothetis (grad student)
Daniel ZaldivarSystemic Neuroscience Physiology of Cognitive Processes Physiology of Cognitive Processes20162018 Nikos K. Logothetis (grad student), Nikos K. Logothetis (post-doc)
Hang ZengAwake rodent fMRI, High-field Magnetic Resonanc High-field Magnetic Resonance Department2017 Xin Yu (grad student)