Oberlin College

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Bryan AlvarezVisual attention and perception, Synesthesia Karen L. Gunther (research assistant)
S. Atwood Psychology20132016 Cynthia S. Frantz (research assistant)
Briana J. Carroll Neuroscience Catherine McCormick (research assistant)
Sarah Elizabeth Cox Department of Psychology20162016 Jeffrey N. Browndyke (research assistant)
Franklin A DavisSoftware Engineering
Hilda M. FehdMotion Perception and Attention19992002 James W. Tanaka (research assistant)
Alexander Elie GoldbergNeuroendocrinology, Hippocampal Circuitry Neuroscience20112014 Janice Thornton (research assistant)
Jessica Lauren HauserMolecular Neuroscience20032005 Catherine McCormick (grad student)
Catherine McCormickevolutionary neuroanatomy
Jacob A Nadel Neuroscience20172019 Christopher D. Howard (research assistant)
Sero Toriano Parelneuroepigenetics, stress Neuroscience20132015 Patrick A. Simen (research assistant)
Alexander J. RiordanNeural circuit dynamics, computation, memory Janice Thornton (research assistant)
Alexander S. Rosemanschizophrenia20062009 Janice Thornton (research assistant)
Geeta S. Shivdeworking memory, long-term memory, inhibition19911995 James W. Tanaka (research assistant)
Dennison SmithLearning and Memory
Damian Alexander StanleyDecision Making, Social Neuroscience, Vision19931997 Dennison Smith (grad student)
Raymond H. Stetsonspeech movements and phonetics
Daniel F. StyerStatistical mechanics, Quantum mechanics
Janice ThorntonBehavioral Neuroendocrinology
Olivia C. Winter20082009 Janice Thornton (research assistant)