University of Regensburg, Germany

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Karl-Heinz Bäuml
Hedwig Eisenbarthemotion, aggression, psychopathy, pain
Sebastian FrankAttention, visual search, perceptual learning20082012 Mark W. Greenlee (research assistant)
Simon HanslmayrBrain oscillations Dept of Experimental Psychology20062010 Karl-Heinz Bäuml (post-doc)
Daniel Kaiser Mark W. Greenlee (research assistant)
Reinhold KlieglCognitive Psychology (eye movements; microsaccades; attention; working memory; reading; data analysis and modeling; cognitive aging)19761977 Wilhelm Witte (research assistant)
Yih-Shiuan LinVisual neuroscience, human vision
Rohit MenonFear, Anxiety, Epigenerics, Oxytocin, Lateral septum
Tobias T. Pohl Inga D. Neumann (grad student)
Alexa H. Veenemabehavioral neuroscience, social behavior, neuropeptides, stress20032009 Inga D. Neumann (post-doc)
Wilhelm Witte