Foundation for Research and Technology Hellas (FORTH)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Spiros H. AnastasiadisPolymer Science; Polymer Surfaces, Interfaces and Thin Films; Polymer Blends and Homopolymer / Copolymer Blends; Dynamics & Diffusion in Multiconstituent Systems; Organic/Inorganic Nanohybrid Materials; Responsive Polymer Systems
Benjamin AuffarthVisual System, olfaction Panagiota Poirazi (post-doc)
Kiriaki Chrissopoulou Institute of Electronic Structure & Laser20022006 Spiros H. Anastasiadis (grad student), Spiros H. Anastasiadis (research scientist)
Emmanuil Glynos2015 Spiros H. Anastasiadis (post-doc)
Georgia Kaklamani Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser2014 Spiros H. Anastasiadis (post-doc)
Klaus Kunz19961997 Spiros H. Anastasiadis (post-doc)
Benoit Loppinet19961999 Spiros H. Anastasiadis (post-doc)
Panagiota Poirazidendritic processing
Panos SapountzisVision, fMRI, Electrophysiology Georgia G Gregoriou (post-doc)
Kostas C. Vasilopoulos Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser20142015 Spiros H. Anastasiadis (post-doc)