Hotchkiss Brain Institute, University of Calgary

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Linda H Kimdescending locomotor control, Parkinson disease Neuroscience Neuroscience2015 Zelma Kiss (grad student), Patrick J. Whelan (grad student)
Alexander Wade LohmanNeuroinflammation, Pannexin channels, optogenetic protein engineering
M. Ethan MacDonald Radiology and Clinical Neurosciences2014 G. Bruce Pike (post-doc)
Davide Martino
Erin L. Mazerolle Radiology and Clinical Neurosciences G. Bruce Pike (post-doc)
Ciaran Murphy-RoyalAstrocytes, glutamate transporters, neuron-glia interactions, stress, cortex
Conrad Rockel Radiology and Clinical Neurosciences2018 G. Bruce Pike (post-doc)
Simon A. SharplesMotor Control, Neurophysiology
Sarthak Sinhaschwann cells
Jacinta L. SpechtfMRI Research, Task-Based and Resting-State fMRI, Quantitative fMRI, fMRI analysis of High Intensity Focused Ultrasound on Essential Tremor Radiology and Clinical Neurosciences Radiology and Clinical Neurosciences Clinical Neurosciences and Neurosurgery Clinical Neurosciences Radiology and Clinical Neurosciences20182018 G. Bruce Pike (grad student), Rebecca J. Williams (collaborator), Zelma Kiss (grad student), Davide Martino (grad student), Rebecca J. Williams (research scientist)
Hongfu Sun Radiology and Clinical Neurosciences2019 G. Bruce Pike (post-doc)
Nicholas L WeilingerSynaptic physiology, Stroke, Cerebral Edema, Cell Biology and Anatomy20102015 Roger J. Thompson (grad student)
Rebecca J. Williams Radiology and Clinical Neurosciences2014 G. Bruce Pike (post-doc)
Agnieszka ZurekCognition, anesthetics, plasticity Physiology and Pharmacology2015 Jaideep S. Bains (post-doc)