NYU Shanghai

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Xinying Caidecision making20092014 Camillo Padoa-Schioppa (post-doc)
Qian Chupredictive processing, probablistic inference, sensorimotor interaction Neural Science20192022 Xing Tian (research assistant)
Sylvain Nicolas DubroquaLearning and memory, GlyT1, NMDAR Jeffrey C. Erlich (post-doc)
Jeffrey C. Erlichdecision-making, quantitative models
Yuqi Hangpsychology of arts; educational neuroscience; neuroscience of speech and language2019 Xing Tian (research assistant)
Xiao-Jing Wangcomputational neuroscience
Xiaoxuan Wang
Jinbiao YangPsycholinguistics, EEG, Computational model, language unitization20162017 Xing Tian (research assistant)