New School for Social Research

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Nick HaslamClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology
Gertrude Joan AullGestalt psychology, psychoanalysis19461954 Mary Henle (grad student), Solomon E. Asch (research assistant), Helen Block Lewis (grad student)
Zhenlan Wang Psychology Joan G. Miller (grad student)
Paul Levinson
Polly ScarvaloneClinical Psychology
Catherine HansonCognitive Neuroscience William Hirst (grad student)
Jessica Engelbrecht Psychology Joan G. Miller (grad student)
David F. CiampiCognitive Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Social Psychology Media Studies1985 Paul Levinson (grad student)
Ilan Harpaz-Rotemsocial aspects of cognition and memory2002 William Hirst (grad student)
Shlomo BreznitzClinical Psychology
Karen BlackmonNeuropsychology Marcel Kinsbourne (grad student)
Joan G. Miller
Robert L. Russell
Nimali Jayasinghesocial aspects of cognition and memory2002 William Hirst (grad student)
Agnes NgaiClinical Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies2000 Nick Haslam (grad student)
Roberto Bottini Daniel Casasanto (post-doc)
Marc A. BurdCognitive neuroscience, lateralization, autism2000 Marcel Kinsbourne (grad student)
Stephen R. ShirkClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Developmental Psychology Robert L. Russell (grad student)
Dana S. IyerClinical Psychology2001 Nick Haslam (grad student)
Irvin RockAttention1952 Hans Wallach (grad student)
Marcel KinsbourneCognitive neuroscience, lateralization, autism1963 Elizabeth K. Warrington (grad student)
Jane M. OsbornCognitive neuroscience, lateralization, autism2000 Marcel Kinsbourne (grad student)
Gary Brucatoattenuated psychosis, violence, criminal pathology Psychology Psychology Psychology Ali Khadivi (grad student), Marcel Kinsbourne (grad student), David Shapiro (grad student)
Janet M. BertoldiClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology2002 Nick Haslam (grad student)
Hans Wallach
Stanley K. GassawayCognitive neuroscience, lateralization, autism2001 Marcel Kinsbourne (grad student)
Gayna HavensClinical Psychology, Genetics2002 Nick Haslam (grad student)
Max WertheimerPerception Mary Henle (collaborator)
Tak C. ChanCognitive neuroscience, lateralization, autism2002 Marcel Kinsbourne (grad student)
Murat PakerClinical Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2000 David Shapiro (grad student)
Cherie L. GerstadtClinical Psychology2002 Polly Scarvalone (grad student)
William Hirstsocial aspects of cognition and memory
Jack HoppenstandVisual perception2002 Arien Mack (grad student)
Jack W. Brehmmotivational intensity, reactance theory, cognitive dissonance, Leon Festinger (grad student)
Ted L. Rosenthal1976 Leon Festinger (grad student)
Kenneth ParkClinical Psychology2002 Shlomo Breznitz (grad student)
Leon Festinger
Alfred Schutzsociology, philosophy, phenomenology
Joan S. Girgusvisual perception Stanley Coren (grad student)
New School for Social Research
David Shapiro
Mary HenleGestalt Psychology Wolfgang Köhler (collaborator)
Thomas Luckmann Alfred Schutz (grad student)
Gen Tsudaka Psychology Joan G. Miller (grad student)
William H. GottdienerClinical Psychology Psychology2000 David Shapiro (grad student), Nick Haslam (grad student)
Michael E. Silverman Psychology Psychology2001 Arien Mack (grad student), Marcel Kinsbourne (grad student), William Hirst (grad student)
Robert M. SteinmanEye movements19581960 Hans Wallach (grad student)
William B. BarrNeuropsychology, Memory, Epilepsy, Concussion, Forensic 19791988 Mary Henle (grad student)
Joseph F. RathRehabilitation, neuropsychology, traumatic brain injury19871987 Vance Marc Zemon (grad student)
Gerald Echterhoffmemory, communication, social cognition19972000 William Hirst (grad student)
Heather A. BerlinNeuropsychology19982000 Marcel Kinsbourne (grad student)
Tonja MachullaHuman Perception20032005 Arien Mack (grad student)