National Institute of Biological Sciences, Beijing

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ji HuInnate behavior Minmin Luo (grad student)
Fei Huphysiology and behavior function of MHb-IPN neural pathway Minmin Luo (grad student)
Zhixiang Liureward Minmin Luo (grad student), Juen Zhang (collaborator), Fei Hu (collaborator)
Jing RenSerotonin, Neuromodulatory system, co-transmission20082013 Minmin Luo (grad student)
Jie Tanolfaction
Zhiqiang Yanneurobiology Minmin Luo (grad student)
Juen ZhangMHb-IPN Minmin Luo (grad student), Fei Hu (collaborator)
Jingfeng Zhoulearning and decision making20102016 Minmin Luo (grad student)
Ming Zouneuronal network Yi Rao (research assistant)