University of East Anglia, UK

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mintao ZhaoSpatial Cognition and Navigation, Face Perception and Recognition
Prerna AnejaDevelopmental, cross-cultural, visual cognition School of Psychology School of Psychology20172020 John P. Spencer (grad student), Larissa K. Samuelson (grad student)
Suvarna Pandecognitive systems, neuroeconomics, prospect theory, dual process theory, cognitive load
Saber Sami
Merryn D. ConstableCognitive Psychology, Kinesiology20102014 Andrew Paul Bayliss (grad student)
Ajaz A BhatCognitive Robotics, Reasoning, Memory, Language Department of Psychology Department of Psychology20162018 Larissa K. Samuelson (post-doc), John P. Spencer (post-doc)