University of East Anglia, UK

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Saber Sami
Merryn D. ConstableCognitive Psychology, Kinesiology20102014 Andrew Paul Bayliss (grad student)
Ajaz A BhatCognitive Robotics, Reasoning, Memory, Language Department of Psychology Department of Psychology20162018 Larissa K. Samuelson (post-doc), John P. Spencer (post-doc)
Suvarna Pandecognitive systems, neuroeconomics, prospect theory, dual process theory, cognitive load
Prerna AnejaDevelopmental, cross-cultural, visual cognition School of Psychology School of Psychology20172020 John P. Spencer (grad student), Larissa K. Samuelson (grad student)
Mintao ZhaoSpatial Cognition and Navigation, Face Perception and Recognition