Pennsylvania State University College of Medicine

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Phillip J. AlbrechtNeuroscience Biology Neurology and Neuroscience19962001 Steven W. Levison (grad student)
Kevin D. Allowaywhisker barrels George V. Rebec (grad student), Harold Burton (post-doc)
Elmira AnderzhanovaNeurochemistry, Monomines, Amminoacids20062007 Andras Hajnal (post-doc)
Anne E. Baldwinreward learning, drug addiction, research administration20012006 Patricia Sue Grigson (post-doc)
A M. Barrettspatial cognition, neurorehabilitation, awareness, movement planning19992004 Paul J. Eslinger (research scientist)
Anirban BasuNeuroinflammation Neurology and Neuroscienceo19992004 Steven W. Levison (post-doc)
Tyler M. Bielinski
Christine Y. BrazelNeuroscience Biology Neurology and Neuroscience19992003 Steven W. Levison (grad student)
Dennis S. CharneyNeuroscience Biology, Mental Health, Clinical Psychology Anthony Kales (grad student)
Elizabeth M. Colechiobehavioral neuroscience, drugs of abuse20112011 Kevin D. Alloway (grad student), Patricia Sue Grigson (grad student)
Yifu DingBiomedical Engineering, Radiology Pathology20142019 Keith C. Cheng (grad student)
Paul J. Eslingersocial-emotional function, neuropsychology Arthur L. Benton (post-doc)
Ryan J. FellingNeuroscience Biology Neuroscience and Anatomy20022005 Steven W. Levison (grad student)
John P. GarzaEmbodied spatial cognition20002002 A M. Barrett (research assistant)
Patricia Sue GrigsonBehavioral Neuroscience
Andras HajnalDopamine, reward, sweet taste, eating, obesity, gastric bypass, alcohol use disorder, substance use disorder, binge eating, opioids Ralph Norgren (post-doc)
Chris Haskins Daniel Morgan (research assistant)
Angela N. Henderson Daniel Morgan (post-doc)
Gregory M. Holmes Neural and Behavioral Sciences Benjamin D. Sachs (grad student)
Caesar G. ImperioAddiction, Learning and Memory Neural and Behavioral Sciences20102015 Patricia Sue Grigson (grad student)
Christopher B. JenneyAddiction Neural and Behavioral Sciences2010 Patricia Sue Grigson (grad student)
Anthony Kales
Dylan van Kampen
Peter KovacsNeurophysiology of taste and obesity2006 Andras Hajnal (post-doc)
David Marcus Daniel Morgan (grad student)
Todd Mitchell
Gregory J. MooreNeuroimaging
Daniel MorganCannabinoid Tolerance Kenneth P. Mackie (research scientist)
Todd M. MowerySomatosensory, Auditory20092011 Kevin D. Alloway (post-doc)
Caitlin Nealon Daniel Morgan (grad student)
Jennifer Elaine NylandAddiction, behavior, reward systems, pain Patricia Sue Grigson (grad student)
B. Lee PeterlinNeurology, migraine19992001 A M. Barrett (grad student)
Carolyn E. PritchettNeuroscience20092012 Andras Hajnal (grad student)
Michael J. RomankoNeuroscience Biology Neuroscience and Anatomy19992004 Steven W. Levison (grad student)
Robert C. TwiningDrug Addiction, Reward Comparison, Contrast Effects, Cortical control of appetitive motivation, Neural Mechanisms of motivated behaviors20002007 Patricia Sue Grigson (grad student)
Maksim A. YakovlevBiomedical Engineering, Micro-CT Imaging Pathology2016 Keith C. Cheng (grad student)
Matthew Yuill Daniel Morgan (grad student)
Michael Zee Daniel Morgan (research assistant)