Ohio State University, Columbus

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Susan L. AarestadClinical Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality Psychology2000 Barbara L. Andersen (grad student)
Mohamed H. Abdel-Rahmanpathobiology of brain cancer2002 Allan James Yates (grad student)
Dina Abdul-KarimUrban and Regional Planning City and Regional Planning2012 Jack L. Nasar (grad student)
Mohd A. AbdullahBacterial toxins2002 Donald H. Dean (grad student)
Aaron M. Adair Physics2013 Lei Bao (grad student)
Nadia Ahlborg20132013 Paul R Berger (research assistant)
Manaz Ahmadi Speech and Hearing Science2010 Lawrence L. Feth (grad student)
Woo-Young Ahndecision making, computational models, neuroimaging, psychopathology
Abdulaziz S. Al-QarniOlfaction2002 Brian H. Smith (grad student)
Amelia AldaoEmotion Regulation
Katie Alexander John P. Bruno (grad student)
Rudolph AlexanderSocial Work, Industrial Psychology
Seemaab AliAging, Microglia, Metabolism, Hypothalamus, Environmental Enrichment, Sympathetic Nervous System, Immune System
Rebecca G. Allen Integrated Biomedical Science Graduate Program20072011 Michael T Bailey (grad student)
Greg M. AllenbyMarketing Business Administration, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Mathew Alpernvision1950 Glenn A. Fry (grad student)
Christopher Alvarez-Breckenridge Balveen Kaur (grad student)
Oscar AlzateAlzheimer's disease, Neuroproteomics20052008 Donald H. Dean (grad student)
Michael AmanPhysiological Psychology
Mike Aman
Michael G. Aman
Jayanth Anantharaman Speech and Hearing Science / Electrical Engineering1992 Lawrence L. Feth (grad student)
Barbara L. AndersenMental Health, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Oncology19731980 William H Redd (grad student)
Christopher AndersenCurriculum and Instruction Education, Educational Psychology Education, Sciences Education, Secondary Education
Dawn Anderson-ButcherSocial Work, Developmental Psychology
Peter John Angeline1993 Jordan B. Pollack (grad student)
Judit AntalTests and Measurements Education2003 Ayres G. D'Costa (grad student)
Keith S. Apfelbaum
Katherine L. Applegatepsychoneuroimmunology2000 Janice K. Kiecolt-Glaser (grad student)
Nathan L. Arbuckle Psychology20102011 William A. Cunningham (grad student)
Patricia M. ArenthClinical Psychology2003 Lyle D. Schmidt (grad student)
Hal ArkesSocial Psychology
Ketra ArmstrongMarketing Business Administration, Recreation, Higher Education, Behavioral Psychology
Kira ArmstrongPediatric neuropsychology Keith Yeates (post-doc)
H. Moore ArnoldBehavioral pharmacology, learning, memory, Alzheimer's models19972001 Martin Sarter (post-doc), John P. Bruno (post-doc)
Marla N. ArnoldClinical Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2006 Wendy Naumann (grad student)
George Arps
Anil AryaAccounting Business Administration, Industrial Psychology
Sita Asar20032004 Paul R Berger (research assistant)
Noah T. Ashley Randy J. Nelson (post-doc)
Jamile A. AshmoreClinical Psychology, Rehabilitation and Therapy2003 Charles F. Emery (grad student)
Candice C. AskwithAcid-sensing ion channels
Christopher L. AsplundAttention, working memory, reasoning, fMRI20032004 Ben Givens (research assistant)
Mongkon AudthoBacterial toxins2001 Donald H. Dean (grad student)
Marybeth H. AulettoEducational Psychology Education2006 Wendy Naumann (grad student)
James T. AustinGoals, performance, measurement
Benjamin C. AylingMusic, United States History2000 Patricia J. Flowers (grad student)
Stephan BaaderMolecular genetics of cerebellum development19961998 John Oberdick (post-doc)
Jatong A. BabaPhysical Education, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Black Studies2003 Ketra Armstrong (grad student)
Giwon Bahg2021 Brandon M. Turner (grad student)
Shoumei BaiNeuroscience Biology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology2005 Samson T. Jacob (grad student)
Xuetao Bai Veterinary Biosciences and Center for Retrovirus Research Shan-Lu Liu (post-doc)
Michael T Baileypsychoneuroimmunology, stress, intestinal microflora20022006 John F. Sheridan (post-doc)
Bradley J. BakerOptogenetics Chack Yung Yu (research scientist)
A. Dwayne Ball1982 Robert C. MacCallum (grad student)
Annahita BallSocial Work, Policy Education Social Work2012 Dawn Anderson-Butcher (grad student)
Mahzarin Rustum BanajiExperimental Psychology19801985 Anthony Greenwald (grad student)
Joel Banyai19992000 Paul R Berger (research assistant)
Lei Bao
Ian N. Barford20022002 Paul R Berger (research assistant)
Ralph M. BarnesTiming and rhythm in attention and memory2002 Mari Riess Jones (grad student)
Francesca Grace Barrett Gary L. Wenk (grad student)
John R. Barry1949 Julian Bernard Rotter (grad student)
Mitchell K. BartholomewDevelopmental Psychology, Technology of Education, Higher Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education, Educational Psychology Education, Web Studies Human Ecology: Human Development and Family Science2014 Mitchell Schoppe-Sullivan (grad student)
Suzanne Bartle-HaringClinical Psychology
Claude Jackson Bartlett Psychology1958 Robert J. Wherry, (grad student)
D Michele BassoSpinal Cord Injury, Motor Learning, Central Neuropathic Pain, Rehabilitation
Ramazan BasturkEducational Psychology Education, Administration Education, Tests and Measurements Education2002 Ayres G. D'Costa (grad student)
Nathaniel A. Bates Timothy E. Hewett (post-doc)
Rani I Bawa Psychology Psychology Psychology20212026 Dylan D. Wagner (grad student), Lisa K. Libby (grad student), Baldwin Way (research assistant)
Michael S. BeattieNeuroscience Biology, Animal Physiology Biology1977 Donald R. Meyer (grad student)
Christine BeattieMotor Axon Guidance
Theodore P. BeauchaineClinical Psychology
Tina M. Bedellhuman development2002 Stephen M. Gavazzi (grad student)
Tracy Bedrosian Neuroscience Graduate Studies Program20092013 Randy J. Nelson (grad student)
Simone Dalla Bella Psychology2003 Caroline Palmer (post-doc)
Betsey A. BensonClinical Psychology
Nicolas F. BerbariCell Biology, Neuroscience Biology2008 Kirk Mykytyn (grad student)
Paul R Bergersemiconductor, electrical engineering, quantum tunneling
Daniel BermanVisual system2014 Dirk B. Walther (grad student), Julie D. Golomb (grad student)
Gary G. Berntson
Julie A. BescoNeuroscience Biology, Molecular Biology2003 Andrej Rotter (grad student)
Janet Best
Jeffery J. Betts School of Physical Education and Sports Sciences David Lamb (grad student)
Adam K. BevanNeurodegenerative Disease, Spinal Muscular Atrophy, CNS Gene delivery, Gene Therapy
David Beversdorf
Feng BianAlzheimer's disease, drug discovery19921998 John Oberdick (grad student)
Lori A. BicaDevelopmental Psychology2000 Gerald A. Winer (grad student)
Ina Bicknell Speech and Hearing Science1996 Lawrence L. Feth (grad student)
Robert S. BillingsIndustrial Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology, Higher Education
Vincent A. BillockVisual system, complexity theory19881999 Carl R. Ingling (grad student), Peter Ewen King-Smith (post-doc), Scott S. Grigsby (collaborator)
Rebecca Biltz Neuroscience2019 Jonathan Godbout (grad student), John F. Sheridan (grad student)
Georgia Ann BishopCerebellum
Sayantanee Biswas Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology20062012 James David Jontes (grad student)
H. Richard BlackwellSensory systems, signal detection
Nathaniel J. Blancocognition, decision-making, categorization, learning Psychology2016 Vladimir M. Sloutsky (post-doc)
Florin Bocaneala2005 Lei Bao (grad student)
P. Dee Boersma1974 Paul A. Colinvaux (grad student)
Rebecca Boland College of Medicine2022 Olga N. Kokiko-Cochran (grad student)
Marilyn BoltzMusic cognition Mari Riess Jones (grad student)
Chelsea Bolyard Neurosurgery Balveen Kaur (grad student)
Diane B. BonfiglioPhysiological Psychology, Personality Psychology, Clinical Psychology2005 Catherine M. Stoney (grad student)
Joseph E. BonnellEnvironmental Sciences, Social Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Speech Communication2001 Joseph E. Heimlich (grad student)
Edward S. Bordin Psychology Harold A. Edgerton (grad student)
Sarah Bork20162017 Paul R Berger (grad student)
Jeremy C. BornigerCancer Neuroscience
Alexandra L. BorstadRehabilitation and Therapy, Neuroscience Biology Health and Rehabilitation Sciences2012 Deborah S. Larsen (grad student)
David M. Bortz Neuroscience20102015 John P. Bruno (grad student)
Daniel R. Boue
Jack A. Boulant
Donald J. Bowersox
R. Thomas Boyd
Sally Boysen Tom Hothersol (grad student)
Sarah BoysenCognitive Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology, Developmental Psychology
Matthieu Branlat Industrial and Systems Engineering2011 David D. Woods (grad student)
Nichole A. BraunClimate Change, Environmental Studies, Behavioral Psychology Environment and Natural Resources2012 Joseph E. Heimlich (grad student)
Elizabeth L. BraunMusic Education Music2012 Patricia J. Flowers (grad student)
Shayla Mona Breedlove20132013 Paul R Berger (research assistant)
Jacqueline C. BresnahanNeuroscience Biology, Animal Physiology Biology
Martin J. BrettRecreation, Higher Education2005 Janet Fink (grad student)
Joseph Michael BrezaNeuroscience, Sensory Physiology Oral Biology20122014 Susan Plock Travers (post-doc)
Chad T. BrinsfieldManagement Business Administration2009 Roy J. Lewicki (grad student)
Julie Brooks John P. Bruno (grad student)
Holly M. BrothersAlzheimer's disease Psychology20052013 A Courtney DeVries (research assistant), Gary G. Berntson (research assistant), Yannick Marchalant (collaborator), Roxanne Kaercher (collaborator), Gary L. Wenk (grad student)
Anthony BrownAxonal transport, neuronal cytoskeleton19871990 Raymond J. Lasek (post-doc)
Angela M. BrownInfant Vision and Color Vision
Penny S. BruckerClinical Psychology2001 Suzanne Bartle-Haring (grad student)
Jennifer E. BrueningRecreation, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Women's Studies, Black Studies, Physical Education2000 Donna Pastore (grad student)
Amy J. BrunoSchool Psychology School Psychology20152019 Laurice Joseph (grad student)
John P. BrunoNeuropsychopharmacology
Janet BuckworthClinical Psychology
Charles BuffingtonZoology Biology, Behavioral Sciences Psychology, Animal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture
Joshua A. BurkBehavioral Neuroscience19992002 Martin Sarter (post-doc)
Mary H. Burleson John T. Cacioppo (research scientist)
Erin M. BurnsPathology, Molecular Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Oncology, Gender Studies, Women's Studies Integrated Biomedical Science Graduate Program2013 Tatiana M. Oberyszyn (grad student)
Brian D. Burrell Brian H. Smith (grad student)
Andrea K. Busby2010 Charles F. Emery (grad student)
Brad J. Bushman
Matthew E. ButchbachBiochemistry, Neuroscience Biology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2003 Chien-liang G. Lin (grad student)
Elizabeth ByrnesNeuroscience, Transgenerational Epigenetics, Prenatal Opioids Psychology19911995 John P. Bruno (grad student)
John T. CacioppoSocial Neuroscience1977 Anthony Greenwald (grad student), Gary G. Berntson (collaborator)
Julianna Calabrese
Julianna Calabrese
Andy Campbell John P. Bruno (research assistant)
Helen I. Cannella-MaloneSpecial Education, Behavioral Psychology
Ruifeng Caotranslational control, circadian rhythm, mTOR signaling, seizure, brain trauma20062010 Karl Obrietan (grad student)
Lei CaoNeuroscience, Cancer, Gene therapy, Virology, Metabolism Matthew During (post-doc)
Kristen M. CarpenterClinical Psychology2006 Barbara L. Andersen (grad student)
Laura A. CarverDrosophila midline axon guidance Molecular Genetics2011 Mark Seeger (grad student)
Scottye CashEducational Psychology Education, Developmental Psychology
Alfred Castaneda Julian Bernard Rotter (grad student)
Carlos E. CastroDNA nanotechnology
Daniel R. CavagnaroExperimental design optimization2008 Jay Myung (post-doc)
Francesca Cerbai Gary L. Wenk (grad student)
Julie Cerelsuicide exposure2001 Mary Fristad (grad student)
Anil Kumar K. ChallaAxon guidance19982003 Christine Beattie (grad student), Mark Seeger (grad student)
Conner Chambers20122015 Paul R Berger (grad student)
Sathees B. ChandraOlfaction2000 Brian H. Smith (grad student)
B. ChandrasekaranArtificial Intelligence, Computer Science D. W. C. Shen (grad student)
Yueming ChangNeuroscience Biology2007 Chien-liang G. Lin (grad student)
Hanah A. ChapmanSocial-cognitive neuroscience, affective psychology William A. Cunningham (post-doc)
Tanya ChartrandSocial Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Jennifer S. Cheavenstreatment development, hope, human strengths and flourishing
Jiageng ChenAttention2015 Julie D. Golomb (grad student)
Jitong Chenmachine perception Computer Science and Engineering Deliang Wang (grad student)
E. Antonio Chiocca
Tzu-Yao Chiueye movements, visual attention, remapping Department of Psychology2022 Julie D. Golomb (grad student)
Jun-Hyeong ChoSynaptic Plasticity, Learning and Memory2008 Candice C. Askwith (grad student)
Yong Min ChoiCognitive Neuroscience Psychology2020 Julie D. Golomb (grad student)
Heeyoung Choovisual cognition, perception, scene recognition, pattern analysis, fMRI2012 Dirk B. Walther (post-doc)
Monali ChowdhuryDevelopmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology Psychology2012 Michael Aman (grad student)
Lisa M Christian
Klaus Christoffersen2002 David D. Woods (grad student)
I-Hua ChuClinical Psychology2008 Janet Buckworth (grad student)
Sung-Yong Chung20012005 Paul R Berger (grad student)
Thomas J. CieslakSocial Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology2004 Janet Fink (grad student)
John D. ClappPublic Health, Behavioral Psychology, Information Science, Web Studies, Health Education Anna Celeste Burke (grad student)
Kenneth E. Clark1940 Sidney L. Pressey (grad student)
Samuel W. Cochran Delos D. Wickens (grad student)
Casey L. CoddPsychometrics Psychology Psychology2014 Robert Cudeck (grad student)
Gregory J. ColeNeuroscience Biology
Steven D. CoonAnimal Physiology Biology2000 Jackie D. Wood (grad student)
Kara Corps
Christopher Cotter Neuroscience2020 Olga N. Kokiko-Cochran (grad student)
Kimberly H. CouncillMusic Education2004 Patricia J. Flowers (grad student)
Laurence Coutellier
Gina M. CoxNeuroscience Biology Integrated Biomedical Science Graduate Program2011 Caroline Whitacre (grad student)
Tara Craft Psychology A Courtney DeVries (grad student)
Rue L. Cromwell1955 Julian Bernard Rotter (grad student), George A. Kelly (grad student)
Charles CsuriComputer Graphics
Ebru CubukcuUrban and Regional Planning, Behavioral Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2003 Jack L. Nasar (grad student)
Robert CudeckPsychometrics Psychology
Dennis CueIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology2002 John P. Wanous (grad student)
Ayres G. D'CostaEducational Psychology Education, Administration Education, Tests and Measurements Education
Corinne M. DapranoSociology of Education, Management Business Administration2001 Donna Pastore (grad student)
Kevin DarbyCognitive Development Vladimir M. Sloutsky (grad student)
Jeffrey W. Daulton20042007 Paul R Berger (research assistant)
Tiffany Davis20112012 Paul R Berger (research assistant)
Amara Davis Neuroscience2021 Jonathan Godbout (grad student)
Jerome P. DavisRecreation, Management Business Administration, Marketing Business Administration2005 Donna Pastore (grad student)
Matthew J. DavisPsychoacoustics, Music Cognition2015 Lawrence L. Feth (grad student)
Suresh de Silva
Sanford J. Deanword familiarity, language learning1953 Julian Bernard Rotter (grad student)
Donald H. DeanBacterial toxins
Janet Blevins DeanClinical Psychology, Personality Psychology2003 Herbert Mirels (grad student)
Michael DeKayPsychobiology Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Dedra Demaree2006 Lei Bao (grad student)
Wei (Sophia) DengCognitive Development, Categorization20092015 Vladimir M. Sloutsky (grad student)
Patricia M. Dennis
Megan Ryan DetloffSpinal Cord Injury, Central Neuropathic Pain, Nociceptor plasticity, Neuroinflammation, Neuroplasticity, D Michele Basso (grad student)
Patricia DevinePrejudice, intergroup relations, social cognition Thomas Ostrom (grad student)
Sandro J. Di Giacomo20032005 Paul R Berger (grad student)
Alicia A. DiazIndustrial Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2002 Robert S. Billings (grad student)
Naseem H Dillman-Hassosocial psychology, climate change, sustainability, collective action, motivation, self control Environment and Natural Resources Environment and Natural Resources2021 Nicole D. Sintov (grad student), Robyn Wilson (grad student)
Brian R. DineenManagement Business Administration, Industrial Psychology, Information Science2003 Raymond A. Noe (grad student)
Liya Dingvision, learning, linguistics, human-computer interaction and computer vision2009 Aleix Martinez (grad student)
Floyd C. Dockeray
Danielle J. Dodenhoff2002 Douglas A. Nelson (grad student)
Robert Henry Dolliver Psychology Francis Frank Pleasant Robinson (grad student)
Xiaocheng DongMolecular Biology2002 Samson T. Jacob (grad student)
Phing Dong-Newsom2009 John F. Sheridan (grad student)
Eshar Ben Dor20072009 Paul R Berger (research assistant)
Jeffrey P. DotsonManagement Business Administration, Marketing Business Administration2009 Greg M. Allenby (grad student)
Emma Wu Dowd2016 Julie D. Golomb (post-doc)
Hilary L. DrewSocial Work, Clinical Psychology, Educational Psychology Education Social Work2012 Theresa Early (grad student)
Yafei DuPsychacoustics2003 Lawrence L. Feth (grad student)
Shichuan Duvision, learning, linguistics, human-computer interaction and computer vision Electrical and Computer Engineering2014 Aleix Martinez (grad student)
Paul DudchenkoBehavioral Neuroscience19891993 Martin Sarter (grad student)
Emily Dunn
Tatiana L. DyachenkoMarketing Business Administration, Behavioral Psychology Business Administration2014 Greg M. Allenby (grad student)
Theresa EarlyClinical Psychology, Social Work
Harold A. Edgerton
Yancy D. EdwardsMarketing Business Administration, Social Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2002 Greg M. Allenby (grad student)
John EdwardsAttitudes Thomas Ostrom (grad student)
Kristin E. Edwards Psychology2014 Ben Givens (grad student)
Eric J. EganVision Psychology2014 James Thames Todd (grad student)
Mark C. ElyMusic Education, Social Psychology, Psychometrics Psychology Music Education Burdette Green (grad student)
Gregory S. EmchCerebellum2002 Georgia Ann Bishop (grad student)
Charles F. EmeryBehavioral Psychology, Rehabilitation and Therapy
Katherine Emmer Veterinary Medicine A Courtney DeVries (grad student)
Michelle R. EmondSynaptic development, synaptic physiology, synaptic plasticity2005 James David Jontes (research scientist)
Randall W. EngleWorking memory, cognitive control Delos D. Wickens (grad student)
Jay M. EnochBasic and clinical vision science19531956 Glenn A. Fry (grad student)
Mark A. EricsonPsychacoustics2001 Lawrence L. Feth (grad student)
Antoinette ErranteGuidance and Counseling Education, Developmental Psychology, Black Studies
Anna J. EsbensenClinical Psychology Psychology2004 Michael Aman (grad student), Johannes R. Rojahn (grad student)
Leandre R. FabrigarSocial Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Experimental Psychology1995 Richard E. Petty (grad student), Richard Petty (grad student)
Jim FadelNeuropsychopharmacology19931998 Martin Sarter (grad student)
Amber K. Fain-LeslieClinical Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2002 Mary Fristad (grad student)
Jinyan FanClinical Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Bilingual and Multicultural Education2004 John P. Wanous (grad student)
Annemarie FarrellWomen's Studies, Recreation2006 Janet Fink (grad student)
Simon Farrell Roger Ratcliff (post-doc)
Michael J. Farrow2008 David A. Padgett (grad student)
Roberta E. FaustPhysical Education, Teacher Training Education2004 Sandra A. Stroot (grad student)
Russell H. FazioSocial Psychology; Attitudes Joel Cooper (grad student)
Todd A. FehnigerImmunology, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology2000 Caroline Whitacre (grad student)
Erich C. FeinIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology2005 Howard J. Klein (grad student)
John FellinghamAccounting Business Administration, Industrial Psychology
Zhiyuan FengMaterials Science Engineering
Gustavo C. Ferreira Gary L. Wenk (research scientist)
Mauricio D. FerreiraMarketing Business Administration, Recreation, Higher Education, Behavioral Psychology2001 Ketra Armstrong (grad student)
Alejandra J. FerrerMusic, Counseling Psychology Music2012 Patricia J. Flowers (grad student)
Lawrence L. FethPsychacoustics Speech and Hearing Science / Electrical Engineering19882010 David M. Green (post-doc), Ashok K. Krishnamurthy (collaborator)
Janet FinkPhysical Education, Industrial Psychology
Nonie J. FinlaysonAttention, Cognitive Psychology, 3D Attention, Visual Science20132016 Julie D. Golomb (post-doc)
Montenique L. FinneyPhysiological Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Black Studies2002 Catherine M. Stoney (grad student)
M. Sima Finydisinhibition, neuropsychology, behavioral genetics Randy J. Nelson (research assistant)
Donald FischerIndustrial/Organizational1980 Robert C. MacCallum (grad student)
Andy J. Fischer
Anna V. Fisher2005 Vladimir M. Sloutsky (grad student)
Megan E Fishermindfulness, aging, attentional control, emotion regulation, fMRI Psychology Ruchika Shaurya Prakash (grad student)
Edwin A. FleishmanIndustrial Psychology, Personality Psychology1951 Harold Ernest Burtt (grad student)
Ismael Flores-MartiPhysical Education, Elementary Education2002 Sandra A. Stroot (grad student)
Patricia J. FlowersMusic, Counseling Psychology
John Charles FlynnADD, psychopharmacology1962 Julian Bernard Rotter (grad student), George A. Kelly (grad student)
Moses Judah Folkmanangiogenesis research1953 Robert Milton Zollinger (research assistant)
Laura K. Fonken Neuroscience Graduate Studies Program20092013 Randy J. Nelson (grad student)
Kevin Foust
Ashley E. FrakesALS, microglia Brian K. Kaspar (grad student)
Elisabeth A. FrazierClinical Psychology, Nutrition Psychology2012 Mary Fristad (grad student)
R. B. FreePharmacology, Neuroscience Biology2002 Dennis B. McKay (grad student)
Georita M. FriersonClinical Psychology, Oncology2003 Barbara L. Andersen (grad student)
Mary FristadClinical Psychology, Nutrition
Nora E. FritzNeuroscience Biology, Rehabilitation and Therapy Allied Medical Professions2013 Deborah S. Larsen (grad student)
Glenn A. Fry
Kentaro FujitaGeneral Psychology
Victoria J. FurbyMusic Education, Music2008 Patricia J. Flowers (grad student)
Ellen E. FurlongFurlong Psychology Anthropology2005 John E. Opfer (grad student), Sally Boysen (grad student), Dawn M. Kitchen (grad student)
Michael G.
Jeffrey D. Galley Michael T Bailey (grad student)
Timothy R. Garcia20042005 Paul R Berger (research assistant), Thomas E. Blue (grad student)
Mary M GardinerUrban ecosystems
Vivek Gargmachine perception2009 Ke Hu (grad student)
Clelland R. GashSchizophrenia, ACh, Glutamate, PFC John P. Bruno (research assistant)
Joy L. GastonHigher Education, Educational Psychology Education, Physical Education, Recreation2002 Bruce W. Tuckman (grad student)
Na T. GatsonImmunology2007 Caroline Whitacre (grad student)
Lisa M. Gatzke-KoppDevelopmental Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology20032007 Theodore P. Beauchaine (post-doc)
Monica M Gaudier-Diaz A Courtney DeVries (grad student)
Stephen M. Gavazzihuman development
Alan L. GeistAdministration Education, Physical Education2001 Donna Pastore (grad student)
Maria M. GiannuliClinical Psychology, Criminology and Penology2001 Michael Aman (grad student)
Timothy J. GilbrideMarketing Business Administration2004 Greg M. Allenby (grad student)
Rachel Gilfarbmotherhood, neuromodulation, stress Psychology2018 Benedetta Leuner (grad student)
Ben Givens
Bennet Givens
Aaron C. GladeClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2005 Suzanne Bartle-Haring (grad student)
Carroll J. GlynnSocial Psychology, Mass Communications
Timothy Gobleneuroscience, single-unit recording, place cells, tinnitus
Jonathan Godbout
Ashok K. GoelArtificial Intelligence B. Chandrasekaran (grad student)
Bethannie GoldenMotor Neuron Degeneration, SMA2010 Christine Beattie (grad student)
Joshua H. Goldwyncomputational neuroscience
Julie D. Golomb
Sara Elizabeth Gombash Neuroscience Microbial Infection and Immunity2016 Kevin Foust (grad student), Amy Lovett-Racke (grad student)
Molly Jo Goodfellowsocial influences on alcohol consumption, fetal alcohol spectrum disorders, learning and memory, traumatic brain injury, ischemia Psychology20112017 Derick H. Lindquist (grad student)
Ethan Goodman Neuroscience2019 Jonathan Godbout (grad student)
Matthew T GoodusSpinal Cord injury, neurotrauma, neurodegeneration Neuroscience2015 Dana M. Mctigue (post-doc)
Jennifer E. Graham Janice K. Kiecolt-Glaser (post-doc)
Burdette Green
Jill A. GreenCell Biology Integrated Biomedical Sciences2012 Kirk Mykytyn (grad student)
Melanie C. Green2000 Timothy Brock (grad student)
Jerald GreenbergManagement Business Administration, Social Psychology
Anthony Greenwald
T. C. GreenwellMarketing Business Administration, Recreation2001 Janet Fink (grad student)
Allison E. Griesmercounseling psychology, clinical psychology, clinical child psychology
Stephanie A. GriffinFolklore, Personality Psychology, Individual and Family Studies, Mass Communications, Cinema, Music2006 Jerelyn Schultz (grad student)
Scott S. GrigsbyCognitive Neuroscience19881991 Carl R. Ingling (grad student), Peter Ewen King-Smith (post-doc)
Sabrina N. GrondhuisClinical Psychology, Developmental Psychology Psychology2014 Michael Aman (grad student)
Tyler A. Growden20112016 Paul R Berger (grad student)
Thomas Grubb Jr.Animal behavior
Howard GuNeuroscience Biology
Kevin GuckesVision James Thames Todd (grad student)
Liang GuoNeuroengineering
Jeremy Guttman20142016 Paul R Berger (grad student)
Darcy Haag-GranelloClinical Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education
Ingrid Johnsen Haaspolitical psychology, political neuroscience, social psychology, cognitive neuroscience Psychology20062012 William A. Cunningham (grad student)
Christine A. HajekPediatric neuropsychology Psychology2012 Keith Yeates (grad student)
Karen Irene Hallberg2007 Douglas A. Nelson (grad student)
Kun Hanmachine perception Computer Science and Engineering2014 Deliang Wang (grad student)
Ryan W. Hansenpositive psych, suicide
Katelin F. HansenmiRNA, memory, hippocampus Neuroscience20102015 Karl Obrietan (grad student)
Heather A HansenCognitive psychology, cognitive neuroscience2017 Zeynep M. Saygin (grad student), Andrew B. Leber (grad student)
Nicholas J. HansonPhysiological Psychology, Behavioral Sciences Psychology Education and Human Ecology2013 Janet Buckworth (grad student)
Liisa HantsooPNI, women's mental health, acoustic startle, PMDD Psychiatry20072012 Janice K. Kiecolt-Glaser (grad student)
Jayson Hardcastle Balveen Kaur (grad student)
Karen HarpsterOccupational Therapy, Developmental Psychology Allied Medical Professions2011 Alison Lane (grad student)
Richard Harrell Speech and Hearing Science1994 Lawrence L. Feth (grad student)
Jeff E. Harris Psychology Martin Heesacker (grad student)
Todd M. HarrisonPhysical Education, Recreation, Administration Education2004 Donna Pastore (grad student)
Nicholas Robert HarrisonNeuropharmacology20112012 Gary L. Wenk (research assistant), John P. Bruno (research assistant)
Sara A. HartReading, development, behavioral genetics, mathematics 20052010 Stephen Petrill (grad student)
Erica E. HartwellIndividual and Family Studies, Gender Studies, Mental Health Human Development and Family Science2013 Suzanne Bartle-Haring (grad student)
Andrew HartwickRetina, Glutamate, Melanopsin, ipRGCs, Pupils
Amy M. HaseleyNeuroscience Biology Neuroscience2012 Balveen Kaur (grad student)
Adam Hasinski
Jennifer L. HattonMedicine and Surgery, Immunology2005 Tatiana M. Oberyszyn (grad student)
Robert James Havighurstgerontology, education, cross-cultural research
Louise C. Hawkley2001 Gary G. Berntson (grad student)
Taylor Hayes Alexander A. Petrov (grad student)
Julie L. HazelbakerPsychacoustics2004 Lawrence L. Feth (grad student)
Cynthia C. Head2006 David A. Padgett (grad student)
Eric W. HealyHearing
Martin HeesackerCounseling Psychology, Mental Health, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology1983 Richard Petty (grad student)
Joseph E. HeimlichEnvironmental Sciences, Social Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Speech Communication
M Scott HernessNeuroscience Biology, Behavioral Psychology, Cell Biology, Molecular Biology
Scott Herness
Timothy E. HeronSpecial Education, Behavioral Psychology, Speech Pathology
William Paul Hetrickschizophrenia, clinical neuroscience19951999 David Alan Smith (grad student)
Timothy E. HewettBiodynamics, ACL injury prevention
Roux M Heyns20022004 Paul R Berger (research assistant)
Kelly J Hiersche
Alex HigdonIndustrial Psychology, Social Psychology2000 Lyle D. Schmidt (grad student)
Caitlin E. HillNeuroscience Biology, Animal Physiology Biology2002 Michael S. Beattie (grad student)
Adam Hinzey
William von Hippel
Robert HiteTechnology of Education, Educational Psychology Education, Special Education, Teacher Training Education
Henry W. HofstetterOptometry Optometry1942 Glenn A. Fry (grad student)
Evelyn HoglundPsychoacoustics2007 Lawrence L. Feth (grad student)
Ethan W. Hollingsworth Neuroscience20142018 Jaime Imitola (research assistant)
Jill A. HollwayPhysiological Psychology Psychology2012 Michael Aman (grad student)
Sehee Hong1998 Robert C. MacCallum (grad student)
Yoolim Hong2013 Andrew B. Leber (grad student)
Sarah Christine HoppAlzheimer's disease, microglia, neuroinflammation, calcium channels, tau20102014 Gary L. Wenk (grad student), Roxanne Kaercher (collaborator)
Philip John Hornerregeneration,glia,myelin Physiology19901995 Bradford T. Stokes (grad student)
Andrew K. Hotchkisspheromones, olfaction, endocrine disruptors Psychology20012004 Randy J. Nelson (post-doc)
Tom Hothersol
Gerald E. HoughSpatial memory, Neuroethology, Evolution of song19932000 Douglas A. Nelson (grad student)
Samuel Houleneurotrauma, neuroimmunology Neuroscience2019 Olga N. Kokiko-Cochran (grad student)
Kari R. Hoyt
Evana T. HsiaoBehavioral Psychology, Social Psychology, Health Education, Recreation2002 Charles F. Emery (grad student)
Shu-hao HsuMolecular Biology Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology2012 Samson T. Jacob (grad student)
Chung-Jen HsuGuidance and Counseling Education, Psychometrics Psychology, Personality Psychology, Social Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies2006 Ayres G. D'Costa (grad student)
Chen-Yea Hsu Speech and Hearing Science1993 Lawrence L. Feth (grad student)
Hong-Zhen HuNeuroscience Biology, Pharmacology, Animal Physiology Biology2004 Jackie D. Wood (grad student)
Ke Humachine perception Computer Science and Engineering2012 Deliang Wang (grad student)
Tsai-Wei HuangTests and Measurements Education, Educational Psychology Education2002 Ayres G. D'Costa (grad student)
Yongcheng HuangNeuroscience Biology, Pharmacology2007 Lakhu M. Keshvara (grad student)
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