Free University of Berlin

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Peter BieriPhilosophy
André FialaLearning and Memory Neurobiology Neurobiology19961999 Ulli Müller (research assistant), Randolf Menzel (grad student)
Max GaragnaniComputational neuroscience, cognitive neruoscience, language, neural networks, cerebral cortex, modelling, neurolinguistics
Martin Giurfasensory systems of insects, neuroethology Neurobiology19902001 Randolf Menzel (post-doc)
Thomas J. JentschIon Channels Clinical Physiology, Benjamin Franklin University Clinic Michael Wiederholt (grad student)
Bernhard Komischke Martin Giurfa (grad student)
Jutta Kray Paul Baltes (grad student)
Marco Schubert Neurobiology20082010 Martin Giurfa (grad student), Silke Sachse (post-doc)
Rosario Tomasello Department of Philosophy and Humanities2015 Max Garagnani (grad student)
Markus WerningPhilosophy of Language and Cognition Philosophy1999 Peter Bieri (grad student)
Michael Wiederholt