Psychology Department, UIUC

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Xiaoang (Irene) WanCognitive Psychology Alejandro Lleras (grad student)
Chih-Mao HuangCognitive Neuroscience Denise Park (grad student)
Christopher J. Widdowsonvirtual reality, spatial cognition, visual cognition Psychology2014 Ranxiao Frances Wang (grad student)
Jennifer BerdahlManagement Business Administration, Social Psychology Joseph E. McGrath (grad student)
Timothy J. DeVoogdBird Song Behavior19721978 William T. Greenough (grad student)
Ginger S. Withers19871993 William T. Greenough (grad student), Susan E. Fahrbach (grad student)
Rodney A. Swain19921997 William T. Greenough (post-doc)
Eunjoo KangNeuroimaging and cognition, Neurophysiology of Learning, hippocampus and behavior19951996 Joseph G. Malpeli (post-doc)
James D. ChurchillBehavioral Neuroscience, electrophysiology20002002 William T. Greenough (post-doc)
Josh RichmanMemory20072008 Kara D. Federmeier (research assistant), Aaron S. Benjamin (research assistant), Renee Baillargeon (research assistant)
Jeremy Boyd20092011 Kara D. Federmeier (post-doc)