University of Crete, Greece

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Spiros H. AnastasiadisPolymer Science; Polymer Surfaces, Interfaces and Thin Films; Polymer Blends and Homopolymer / Copolymer Blends; Dynamics & Diffusion in Multiconstituent Systems; Organic/Inorganic Nanohybrid Materials; Responsive Polymer Systems
Georgia G Gregoriou Helen Savaki (grad student)
Anastassia Rissanou Department of Applied Mathematics19992003 Spiros H. Anastasiadis (grad student)
Helen Savaki
Andreas Stassinopoulos20052009 Spiros H. Anastasiadis (grad student)
Maria-Efstratia Tsimpanouli Medicine Venetia Zachariou (research assistant)
Maria Vamvakaki Department of Materials Science and Technology20012004 Spiros H. Anastasiadis (research scientist)