Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ellie Bean Abramsmusic, memory, and reward; speech-music interface; pitch perception; neurolinguistics Linguistics & Cognitive Science20132017 Deborah M. Burke (research assistant)
William P. BanksPerception
Christina Bejjanicognitive control, learning, memory20122013 Rachel N. Levin (research assistant), junryo watanabe (research assistant)
Deborah M. BurkeMemory, Aging, & Cognition
David Cremins
Emily S. Crossaction perception, action execution, motor imagery, dance Deborah M. Burke (research assistant)
Alejandro I. de la VegaEmotion & Cognition, Executive Function20052009 Deborah M. Burke (research assistant)
Gene S. Fowler
Anna Gibson Linguistics and Cognitive Science20082010 Micah Alan Johnson (research assistant)
Laura M. Haetzel Lauren Marie Rudolph (research assistant)
Eve Higbybilingualism, aging, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics Linguistics and Cognitive Science20162018 Deborah M. Burke (post-doc)
Micah Alan JohnsonCognitive neuroscience of language and cognition Linguistics and Cognitive Science20062010 Deborah M. Burke (research assistant)
Karl G. JohnsonDevelopment, axon guidance, synaptogenesis
Natalie M. Kleinpsycholinguistics20022004 Deborah M. Burke (research assistant)
Rachel N. Levin
William Prinzmetal William P. Banks (grad student)
Allison B. Sekulervision science, cognitive neuroscience William P. Banks (research assistant)
Robert Thorntonpsycholinguistics Deborah M. Burke (collaborator)
Alan M. Vajda Biology19941997 Gene S. Fowler (research assistant)
Andrew James VonaschMorality, Rationality, Free Will, Self-Regulation20022006 William P. Banks (research assistant)
Sophia Yang Karl G. Johnson (research assistant)
Megan ZirnsteinPsycholinguistics, Cognitive Neuroscience