Lancaster University (United Kingdom)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Nasser Alsalami Computer science2020 Bingsheng Zhang (grad student)
Chiara Capparini Psychology2018 Vincent M. Reid (grad student)
Kin Chung Jacky ChanEarly language acquisition, Bilingualism, Word learning, Categorisation, Sentence processing, Infant and early child development, Cognition, Developmental psychology, Psycholinguistics Department of Psychology Department of Linguistics and English Language Department of Linguistics and English Language Department of Psychology20202023 Padraic Monaghan (grad student), Marije Michel (grad student), Silke Brandt (post-doc), Gert Westermann (grad student)
Kirsty Dunn
David Elliott Maths & Statistics20162020 Vincent M. Reid (grad student)
Lizhi MaDevelopmental Psychology, Emotion perception, Early word learning20172021 Gert Westermann (grad student)
Katherine E. TwomeyDevelopmental Psychology Department of Psychology20142017 Gert Westermann (post-doc)