Trinity College Dublin (University of Dublin) (Ireland)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
John Gabriel ByrneApplied Numerical Methods; Document Image Processing. Engineering School Bill Wright (grad student)
Matthew Campbell
Diarmuid Collins Computer Science and Statistics Donal O'Mahony (grad student)
Christopher M. DillinghamNeuroscience Institute of Neuroscience2015 Shane M. O'Mara (post-doc)
Linda Doyle Brendan Scaife (grad student), Donal O'Mahony (collaborator)
Md Nurul IslamNeuroscience, Cognitive Map School of Psychology20132018 Shane M. O'Mara (grad student)
Donal O'MahonyComputer Science; Computer/Data/Network Security; Cryptography and coding theory; Cryptology; Data protection, storage technology, cryptography; DISTRIBUTED DATABASE; Distributed systems; EDIFACT; Electronic Commerce; Electronic Commerce (E Commerce); Ele Computer Science And Statistics John Gabriel Byrne (grad student)
Brendan Scaife
Bill Wright