Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Daniel Donoghue School of Biological Sciences Rachael Shaw (grad student)
Hedwig Eisenbarthemotion, aggression, psychopathy, pain
Annemarie Jutel Douglas Booth (grad student)
Regan David MacKinlayAnimal Behaviour, Animal Cognition, Conservation Biology, Terrestrial Ecology School of Biological Sciences2014 Rachael Shaw (grad student)
Jennifer A. Moore Biology20042008 Nicola Nelson (grad student)
Louis J. MosesTheory of mind, Executive function, Prospective memory, moral development, quantitative psychology
Matt Oxner School of Psychology School of Psychology20182021 Hedwig Eisenbarth (research assistant), David Carmel (research assistant)
Claudie Peloquin Psychology20192021 Louis J. Moses (grad student)
Rachael Shaw
Jessica Elizabeth TaylorDecNef, fMRI, Computational Neuroscience, Behavioral Neuroscience Department of Psychology2012 Gina M. Grimshaw (grad student)
Lillian Xiaoqi Zhoupsychology