Boston College

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Joseph R. Cautela
William F. StevensonSocial Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Industrial Psychology
Burcu Erdoganaxon guidance Biology20132018 Laura Anne Lowery (grad student)
Matthew F. Panichello Lisa Feldman Barrett (research assistant)
Patrick A. ForcelliNeuropharmacology, Epilepsy, Psychopharmacology, Behavioral Neurobiology Stephen C. Heinrichs (research assistant)
John Paul SanGiovanniRetina, Nutrition Michael Numan (research assistant), Michael Numan (research assistant)
Jacquiline V. LernerDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education
Andrea S. Heberleinsocial neuroscience
Haley Fritch Scott D. Slotnick (grad student)
Thomas N. Seyfriedmetabolic therapy
Jeffrey A. Lamoureuxconditioning theory, systems neurobiology
Mariana T. Tranmetabolic therapy2000 Thomas N. Seyfried (grad student)
Melanie P. Leussis2005 Stephen C. Heinrichs (grad student)
Stella X. Yuvision
Ramsay LiemSocial Psychology, Developmental Psychology
Eric C Fieldseeg, emotion, memory, social cognition Psychology2017 Elizabeth Kensinger (post-doc)
Sara J. CordesNumerical Cognition/Development
Gorica D. Petrovichhunger systems in brain
Teige P. Sheehan2000 Michael Numan (grad student)
Dong Liangmetabolic therapy2001 Thomas N. Seyfried (grad student)
Christine Ann Denny Thomas N. Seyfried (grad student)
Danielle S Lafferty
Elizabeth Kensingercognitive neuroscience
Jean M. BartunekManagement Business Administration, Social Psychology
Alexander J. Coverdill
Laura E. Abatemetabolic therapy2006 Thomas N. Seyfried (grad student)
Robert S. RossMemory
John P. Christiansonlearning, stress
Ce ShenSocial Work, Clinical Psychology
Jessica M. KaranianMemory, fMRI
Elizabeth SparksClinical Psychology, Industrial Psychology
Danielle Stolzenberg Graduate School of Arts & Sciences2009 Michael Numan (grad student)
Rena C. Baekmetabolic therapy2008 Thomas N. Seyfried (grad student)
Tracey E. Maddenemotion2000 Lisa Feldman Barrett (grad student)
Stephen C. Heinrichs
Michael Numan
Stephanie C. BerzinClinical Psychology, Public Health
Martha B. BronsonDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Women's Studies
Harutune H. Mikaelianvisual perception Joseph R. Cautela (grad student)
Mary M. BrabeckDevelopmental Psychology
Michael A. Kiebishmetabolic therapy2008 Thomas N. Seyfried (grad student)
Tamlin C. Christensenemotion2003 Lisa Feldman Barrett (grad student)
Thomas N. Seyfried
Kathleen M. DittrichOncology, Social Work, General Psychology
Hiram BrownellDevelopmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Sara E KeeferNeural substrates of appetitive learning Psychology20122018 Gorica D. Petrovich (grad student)
Maria Gendronemotion GSAS - Psychology2013 Lisa Feldman Barrett (grad student)
Alisha C. Holland Graduate School of Arts & Sciences2012 Elizabeth Kensinger (grad student)
Brendan Gaesserimagination, memory, future thinking, social decision-making, morality Psychology Liane L. Young (post-doc)
Katherine Mickleyemotion, memory, aging, cognitive neuroscience2006 Elizabeth Kensinger (grad student)
Ellen WinnerDevelopmental Psychology
Jennifer MB Fugatelanguage, emotion, priming, facial expressions, nonhuman primates Lisa Feldman Barrett (post-doc)
Stephen BorgattiManagement Business Administration, Social Psychology
Maximilien ChaumonCognitive Neuroscience
Jenny X. WongEpisodic memory Elizabeth Kensinger (research assistant)
Nathaniel S RiegerAnimal Behavior, Communication, Behavioral Neuroendocrinology, Neural Circuits Psychology2018 John P. Christianson (post-doc)
John G. Mantismetabolic therapy Graduate School of Arts & Sciences2010 Thomas N. Seyfried (grad student)
Brendan D. Murray GSAS - Psychology20082013 Elizabeth Kensinger (grad student)
Jeanne ShollCognitive Psychology
Christina M. Leclercaging, emotion, cognitive neuroscience2006 Elizabeth Kensinger (post-doc)
Sarah Karkemotional memory, PTSD, TBI, neurorehabilitation Elizabeth Kensinger (grad student)
Brittany Jeye
Julian R. Arthurmetabolic therapy Graduate School of Arts & Sciences2012 Thomas N. Seyfried (grad student)
Daniel A. KIRSCHNERmembrane structure; x-ray diffraction; neutron diffraction; myelin; amyloid Biology19751980 Richard L. Sidman (research scientist)
Ann Yee
Scott D. SlotnickVisual Memory
Madelyn H RayBehavioral Neuroscience Psychology20162021 Michael A. McDannald (grad student)
Dylan Spets Scott D. Slotnick (grad student)
Panos PapagiannakopoulosPhysical Chemistry Physics19711977 Baldassare Di Bartolo (grad student)
Nan Bernstein RatnerFluency and fluency disorders (with an emphasis on stuttering), The role of parent-child interaction in typical and atypical communication development, Speech and language acquisition in typical children and children with communication disorders
Marilee Ogren19831985 Peter H. Schiller (post-doc)
XiaoTao JinGlutamate Receptor Structure Funcation Biology19891996 William J. Brunken (grad student)
Richard T. LibbyRetina, glaucoma Biology19921997 William J. Brunken (grad student)
Anthony J. GreenefMRI, Learning and Memory19921997 Kavitha Srinivas (grad student), Randolph Easton (grad student)
Kusol PootanakitGenenomics Biology19941999 William J. Brunken (grad student)
Stephanie A. GoodwinSocial Psychology
Danielle E. Harlowneural and glial development19992000 Stephen C. Heinrichs (research assistant)
Angela E. RadanClinical Psychology, Women's Studies, Mental Health, Social Psychology2000 Elizabeth Sparks (grad student)
Catherine E. RiceDevelopmental Psychology, Early Childhood Education, Special Education2000 Ellen Winner (grad student)
William J. BrunkenRetina, Development, Pharmacology
Elizabeth A. FieldingDevelopmental Psychology, Educational Psychology Education, Women's Studies2001 Martha B. Bronson (grad student)
Susan B. PrattDevelopmental Psychology2001 Mary M. Brabeck (grad student)
Mary L. MontminySocial Work2001 Kathleen M. Dittrich (grad student)
Marcus F. CherryClinical Psychology, Industrial Psychology2001 Elizabeth Sparks (grad student)
Ori FriedmanDevelopmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2001 Hiram Brownell (grad student), Ellen Winner (grad student)
Joann M. GriffithDevelopmental Psychology, Personality Psychology2001 Elizabeth Sparks (grad student)
Catya von KarolyiDevelopmental Psychology2001 Ellen Winner (grad student)
Daphna MalinskyCognitive Psychology, Reading Education2002 Ellen Winner (grad student)
Edward C. Stack2002 Michael Numan (grad student)
Ray A. LuechtefeldManagement Business Administration, Social Psychology2002 Stephen Borgatti (grad student)
Aileen H. ParkGuidance and Counseling Education, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Women's Studies, Industrial and Labor Relations2002 Elizabeth Sparks (grad student)
Robert F. RadinManagement Business Administration2003 William F. Stevenson (grad student)
Amanda C. Brandoneconceptual development, language development20022003 Ellen Winner (research assistant)
Gregory M. KimSocial Psychology, Developmental Psychology2003 Ramsay Liem (grad student)
Myeong-Gu SeoManagement Business Administration, Social Psychology2003 Jean M. Bartunek (grad student)
Lenore BookheimSocial Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Guidance and Counseling Education2003 Elizabeth Sparks (grad student)
Stephanie K. FraoneCognitive Psychology2004 Jeanne Sholl (grad student)
Adele KohanyiDevelopmental Psychology, Mental Health2005 Ellen Winner (grad student)
Sonja CantuIndividual and Family Studies, Women's Studies, Hispanic American Studies2005 Elizabeth Sparks (grad student)
Makiko DeguchiSocial Psychology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Developmental Psychology, Women's Studies2006 Ramsay Liem (grad student)
Tamara L. BondVision2006 Randolph Easton (grad student)
Pacey C. FosterManagement Business Administration, Marketing Business Administration2006 Stephen Borgatti (grad student)
Jorge Trullen FernandezManagement Business Administration, Administration Education2007 Jean M. Bartunek (grad student)
Christopher J. RoussinSocial Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Industrial Psychology Carroll School of Management2008 William F. Stevenson (grad student)
Stacee SantosDevelopmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2008 Ellen Winner (grad student)
Eliza Bliss-Moreausocial neuroscience, emotion and affect2008 Lisa Feldman Barrett (grad student)
Leanne C. Huysentruytmetabolic therapy2008 Thomas N. Seyfried (grad student)
Alan C. ScottVision2008 Randolph Easton (grad student)
Keely Muscatellsocial neuroscience, affective neuroscience, health psychology20062008 Elizabeth Kensinger (research assistant)
Kyle P. TierneyMemory, Attention20072009 Scott D. Slotnick (grad student)
Jegoo LeeManagement Business Administration Carroll School of Management2009 William F. Stevenson (grad student)
Ian J. WalshManagement Business Administration, Social Psychology Carroll School of Management2009 Jean M. Bartunek (grad student)
Daniel HalginManagement Business Administration, Organizational, Physical Education, Recreation Carroll School of Management2009 Stephen Borgatti (grad student)
Kristen A. Lindquistemotion, affect, social neuroscience Graduate School of Arts & Sciences2010 Lisa Feldman Barrett (grad student)
Laura M. Sheltonmetabolic therapy Graduate School of Arts & Sciences2010 Thomas N. Seyfried (grad student)
Jill D. Waringmemory, aging, cognitive neuroscience20062011 Elizabeth Kensinger (grad student)
Margaret V. SherrerSocial Work, Clinical Psychology Graduate School of Social Work2011 Ce Shen (grad student)
Abby J. SchwartzAging, Social Work Social Work2013 Kathleen M. Dittrich (grad student)
TrangKimberly Thu NguyenGPCRs, neurodegeneration, glia Chemistry20102013 Eranthie Weerapana (research assistant)
Philip C. HigginsOncology, Social Work, General Psychology GSSW2013 Kathleen M. Dittrich (grad student)
Halle R. Dimsdale-Zuckermemory20102013 Elizabeth Kensinger (research assistant)
Kristen Teczar Loncich GSAS - Physics2014 David C. Mountain (grad student)
Nathan L. Tametabolic therapy GSAS - Biology2014 Thomas N. Seyfried (grad student)
Preston P. ThakralMemory20122015 Michael D. Rugg (post-doc)
Gary S. McDowellXenopus, biochemistry, cell and developmental biology Biology20162016 Laura Anne Lowery (post-doc)
Kelly A. Bennion20112016 Elizabeth Kensinger (grad student)
Christopher R. Madanmemory, brain morphology, aging, decision making, emotion Psychology20142017 Elizabeth Kensinger (post-doc)
Jordan E TheriaultfMRI; morality; social cognition; Psychology20112017 Liane L. Young (grad student)
Christina J. Reppuccibehavioral neuroscience, neuroanatomy, feeding behavior, social behavior Psychology20082015 Gorica D. Petrovich (grad student)
Lauren C. Anderson Psychology20122017 Gorica D. Petrovich (grad student)
Alexa H. Veenemabehavioral neuroscience, social behavior, neuropeptides, stress
Laura Anne Lowery
Holly J. BowenMemory;Emotion;Reward Psychology20142018 Elizabeth Kensinger (post-doc)