Korea Brain Research Institute

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Sukwon Leefear memory modulation
Jiyoung Lee Emotion, Cognition and Behavior research group Jeongyeon Kim (grad student)
Suk-woon Song Jeongyeon Kim (post-doc)
Miseon Kang Jeongyeon Kim (post-doc)
Gyeong-Tae KIm Jong-Cheol Rah (research scientist)
In Sun Choi Jong-Cheol Rah (research scientist)
Yoon-Sil Yang Jong-Cheol Rah (research scientist)
Bitna Joo
Jinseop Kim Marcus Kaiser (post-doc)
Joon Ho Choineural network, learning and memory20132016 Hyungbae Kwon (post-doc)
Kea Joo LeeSynaptic plasticity
Sookjin Son2014 Jong-Cheol Rah (research scientist)
Nari Kim2014 Jong-Cheol Rah (research scientist)
Jong-Cheol RahCortical circuits
Young-Eun Han2015 Jong-Cheol Rah (research scientist)
Hyungju ParkSynaptic plasticity
Sejin JeongNeuroanatomy2016 Ja Wook Koo (research scientist)
Jeongyeon Kimsocial dysfunction, glia, synaptic plasticity
Choi Tae-YongBehavior, Neural circuitry, Synaptic plasticity, Optogenetics, Chemogenetics, In vivo calcium imaging, Ex vivo electrophysiology Department of Neural Development and Disease2017 Ja Wook Koo (post-doc)
Jeongseop Kim