Korea Brain Research Institute

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
In Sun Choi Jong-Cheol Rah (research scientist)
Miseon KangLateral habenula, synaptic plasticity, NMDA receptor, serotonin receptor,
Sejin JeongNeuroanatomy2016 Ja Wook Koo (research scientist)
Jeongseop Kim
Kea Joo LeeSynaptic plasticity
Jiyoung Lee Emotion, Cognition and Behavior research group Jeongyeon Kim (grad student)
Suk-woon Song Jeongyeon Kim (post-doc)
Miseon Kang Jeongyeon Kim (post-doc)
Jeongyeon Kimsocial dysfunction, glia, synaptic plasticity
Jong-Cheol RahCortical circuits
Gyeong-Tae KIm Jong-Cheol Rah (research scientist)
Yoon-Sil Yang Jong-Cheol Rah (research scientist)
Young-Eun Han2015 Jong-Cheol Rah (research scientist)
Sookjin Son2014 Jong-Cheol Rah (research scientist)
Nari Kim2014 Jong-Cheol Rah (research scientist)
Bitna Joo
Jinseop Kim Marcus Kaiser (post-doc)
Choi Tae-YongBehavior, Neural circuitry, Synaptic plasticity, Optogenetics, Chemogenetics, In vivo calcium imaging, Ex vivo electrophysiology Department of Neural Development and Disease2017 Ja Wook Koo (post-doc)
Hyungju ParkSynaptic plasticity
Sukwon Leefear memory modulation
Joon Ho Choineural network, learning and memory20132016 Hyungbae Kwon (post-doc)