Gallaudet University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Elizabeth B. AdamsPsychology2011 Patrick Brice (grad student)
Mercedes H. Alfaro-ChilelliPsychology2002 Irene Leigh (grad student)
Diana Andriola Educational Neuroscience2014 Clifton Langdon (grad student)
Lauren Berger Educational Neuroscience20192020 Clifton Langdon (grad student), Ilaria Berteletti (grad student)
Ilaria Berteletti
Ruchi BhargavaPsychology2006 Patrick Brice (grad student)
Patrick BricePsychology
Adam D. BrownfeldNeuropsychology2010 Donna Morere (grad student)
Talibah E. BuchananPsychology2006 Patrick Brice (grad student)
Jared A. Carter
Carolyn CorbettPsychology
Holly R. CoryellNeuropsychology2001 Donna Morere (grad student)
Anna CrisologoNeuropsychology2014 Donna Morere (grad student)
Dorri J. DaggettPsychology2014 Carolyn Corbett (grad student)
Lori A. DayPsychology2010 Patrick Brice (grad student)
Pamela M. DeanNeuropsychology2008 Donna Morere (grad student)
Kathleen P. Donnelly-WijtingPsychology2014 Carolyn Corbett (grad student)
Tracy L. DurhamPsychology2007 Irene Leigh (grad student)
David M. FeldmanPsychology2004 Virginia Gutman (grad student)
Tiesha L. FinleyPsychology2012 Carolyn Corbett (grad student)
Irmgard E. FriedburgPsychology2000 Irene Leigh (grad student)
Michael J. GournarisPsychology2004 Irene Leigh (grad student)
Virginia GutmanPsychology
Wyatte C. HallNeuropsychology2014 Donna Morere (grad student)
Peter C. HauserPsychology2000 Irene Leigh (grad student)
Shawn R. KalbackPsychology2004 Patrick Brice (grad student)
Caroline J. KendallPsychology2004 Virginia Gutman (grad student)
Leslie S. KleinPsychology2011 Irene Leigh (grad student)
Emily Kubicek Educational Neuroscience2016 Lorna C. Quandt (grad student)
Lina R. KubliAudiology, Occupational Health and Safety, Behavioral Psychology, Military Studies2012 Jerry L. Northern (grad student)
Poorna KushalnagarPublic Health Sciences
Clifton LangdonCognitive Neuroscience Linguistics Linguistics Psychology20112013 Deborah C. Pichler (grad student), Paul G. Dudis (grad student), Laura-Ann Petitto (research assistant)
Irene LeighPsychology
Candace A. McCulloughPsychology
Erin B. McLaughlinPsychology2012 Irene Leigh (grad student)
Cara A. MillerPsychology2011 Irene Leigh (grad student)
Donna MorereNeuropsychology
Michal E. MorganPsychology Clinical Psychology2013 Patrick Brice (grad student)
Leah N. Murphy-SwillerNeuropsychology2014 Donna Morere (grad student)
Daniel L. NeadPsychology2013 Carolyn Corbett (grad student)
Shawn S. Nelson SchmittPsychology and Deafness
Jerry L. NorthernAudiology, Occupational Health and Safety, Behavioral Psychology, Military Studies
Amanda M. O'HearnPsychology2000 Virginia Gutman (grad student)
Carly J. OstromNeuropsychology2014 Donna Morere (grad student)
Laura-Ann PetittoLanguage & Development William Stokoe (research assistant)
Amy S. Pollickgreat ape social communication
Lorna C. QuandtEEG, fMRI, action perception, social cognition
Frances RalstonPsychology2000 Patrick Brice (grad student)
Monica A. RobbPsychology2002 Virginia Gutman (grad student)
Jessica L. RosenbaumPsychology2000 Patrick Brice (grad student)
Marina SimonPsychology2010 Carolyn Corbett (grad student)
Anne M. SteiderPsychology2001 Patrick Brice (grad student)
William StokoePhonology of American Sign Language
Amy A. SzarkowskiPsychology2004 Patrick Brice (grad student)
Candice M. TatePsychology2005 Irene Leigh (grad student)
Nan C. TruittNeuropsychology2006 Donna Morere (grad student)
Bradley E. White2015 Clifton Langdon (grad student)
Athena Willis Educational Neuroscience2018 Lorna C. Quandt (grad student)
Gregory A. WitkinNeuropsychology2014 Donna Morere (grad student)
Kelly S. Wolf CraigPsychology2012 Irene Leigh (grad student)
Michael T. YatesPsychology2012 Carolyn Corbett (grad student)
Michelle M. YetmanPsychology2000 Patrick Brice (grad student)
Tom ZangasPsychology2005 Virginia Gutman (grad student)
Brittney E. ZiskindPsychology2010 Patrick Brice (grad student)
Jason J. ZoddaPsychology2012 Irene Leigh (grad student)