The Scripps Research Institute, California, USA

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Bridget Carragher
Brian W ChowNeuroscience Cell and Molecular Neuroscience20102013 Ardem Patapoutian (research assistant)
Saikat ChowdhuryStructural Biology Integrative Structural and Computational Biology20132018 Gabriel C. Lander (post-doc)
Westley Dang
André F. de SousaLearning and memory20142019 Mark R. Mayford (grad student)
Nicolas GrilletMolecular Genetics of the inner ear Neuroscience20052014 Ulrich Mueller (post-doc)
Alexander A. Kislukhinchemical biology, proteomics, in vitro diagnostics, imaging, immunology, oncology chemistry20082013 M.G. Finn (grad student)
Gabriel C. Landercryo-EM Molecular Biology Cell Biology Cell Biology20042009 John E. Johnson (grad student), Bridget Carragher (grad student), Clinton S. Potter (grad student)
M.Cecilia G. MarcondesNeuroimmunology, Drug Abuse, HIV Molecular and Integrated Neuroscience Howard S Fox (post-doc)
Sourish MukhopadhyayOlfaction, Emotion, Critical Period Plasticity Department of Neuroscience2016 Lisa Stowers (grad student)
Clinton S. Potter
Li Ye
Bohan ZhaoNeuroscience, Metabolism, Memory, Sleep