Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Shao-Cong SunNFkB, NK cells, T-cells, Immunology, HTLV-1, autoimmunity Ingrid Faye (grad student)
Andrea NimanOlfaction2010 Maria Larsson (grad student)
Johan Willander Maria Larsson (grad student)
George Samrani Jonas Persson (grad student)
Mats J. OlssonOlfaction Birgitta Berglund (grad student)
Steven NordinOlfaction Birgitta Berglund (grad student)
Birgitta BerglundAudition, Olfaction Gosta Ekman (grad student)
Fredrik JönssonOlfaction20072009 Maria Larsson (post-doc)
Margareta HednerOlfaction, Cognition Maria Larsson (grad student)
Artin Arshamian Maria Larsson (grad student)
Jonas Persson Patricia A. Reuter-Lorenz (post-doc), Lars Nyberg (grad student)
Sara Pudas Jonas Persson (grad student)
Lars Nyberg Lars-Göran Nilsson (grad student)
Maryam Ziaei Jonas Persson (grad student)
Petri Laukkaemotion psychology, music psychology Patrik N. Juslin (grad student)
Jonas K. OlofssonOlfaction Maria Larsson (grad student)
Stina Cornell KärnekullOlfactory memory Maria Larsson (grad student)
Anna K. Sundgren-Andersson1998 Staffan Johansson (grad student)
Anders Sand Mats Nilsson (grad student)
Carlos Tirado Mats Nilsson (grad student)
Ewa Mörtberg
Alfonso Guiraúm Martín Herman Wold (grad student)
Maria LarssonOlfaction
Gosta Ekmanperception and psychophysics Psychology David Katz (grad student)
Lars-Göran Nilsson
Hakan Linderholm
Mats Nilsson Birgitta Berglund (grad student)
Raffaella CapassoCosmology, Galaxy Clusters, Galaxy formation and evolution, Large-scale structure, Machine learning
Östen Axelsson Mats Nilsson (grad student)
Jesper Alvarsson Mats Nilsson (grad student)
Anna Lindqvist Mats Nilsson (grad student)
Maria Rådsten Ekman Mats Nilsson (grad student)
Mohammadreza Shariatgorji Analytical Chemistry2010 Leopold Ilag (grad student)
Gianluca Maddalo Analytical Chemistry2011 Leopold Ilag (grad student)
Davide Tamburro Analytical Chemistry2011 Leopold Ilag (grad student)
Liying Jiang Analytical Chemistry and Environmental Science2015 Leopold Ilag (grad student)
David Costalago"Marine ecology", "Trophic ecology", "climate change", "fisheries ecology", "marine mammals"20162017 Monika Winder (post-doc)
Marius Zimmermannmotor control, joint action
Catherine Sundling Department of Psychology2016 Birgitta Berglund (grad student), Mats Nilsson (grad student)
Alessandro Quaranta Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry2019 Leopold Ilag (grad student)
Javier Zurita Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry2018 Leopold Ilag (grad student)
Nicolo Riboni Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry2019 Leopold Ilag (grad student)
Nadia Zguna Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry2019 Leopold Ilag (grad student)
Farshid Mashayekhy Rad Envrionmental Science and Analytical Chemistry2018 Leopold Ilag (grad student)
Ingrid Faye
Leopold Ilagmass spectrometry, proteins, biomolecules, NMR, structural biology, toxins, neurodegeneration, environment, aerosols
Gunnar Borg Psychiatry1962 Gosta Ekman (grad student), Hakan Linderholm (grad student), Gudmund Smith (grad student)
Peter HassménSport psychology Psychology1991 Gunnar Borg (grad student)
Lilianne Eninger
Elisabet Borg Psychology Birgitta Berglund (grad student)
Gregory NeelyPsychology, Cognitive psychology, Human factors, Motor behavior, Mismatch negativity, Depression Psychology19891995 Gunnar Borg (grad student)
David Katzvisual and tactual perception, motivation, and animal and child behavior
Sven-Erik Johansson Psychology1991 Gunnar Borg (grad student)
Ruggero CeciPsychology, Exercise Psychology, Sports Science, Road Safety, Exercise Science, Sport Physiology, Exercise Physiology Psychology1990 Gunnar Borg (grad student)
Gunilla Ljunggren Psychology1985 Gunnar Borg (grad student)
Louise Barkhuushuman-computer interaction,ubiquitous computing,cell phones
Ingemar Bengtsson
PierGianLuca Porta ManaBayesian probability theory, general relativity, quantum theory, continuum thermomechanics Theoretical Physics Ingemar Bengtsson (grad student)
Rafael Cantera