Syracuse University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Sangmoon KimClinical Psychology Psychology2012 Randall S. Jorgensen (grad student)
Daniel R. PattenPhotoreceptors Electrical Engineering and Computer Science2014 Kenneth W. Foster (grad student)
Danielle ArigoClinical Psychology, Social Psychology Psychology2012 Joshua M. Smyth (grad student)
John M. Russellsquid axon, ion transport, pH regulation,
Melissa ArthurTests and Measurements Education, Medicine and Surgery, Mental Health, Health Education, Psychometrics Psychology2010 James Bellini (grad student)
Chandice Haste-JacksonIndividual and Family Studies, African American Studies, Social Psychology, Black Studies, Women's Studies Child and Family Studies2013 Ambika Krishnakumar (grad student)
Sanford J. Deanword familiarity, language learning
Trevor J. BuserCounseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology2009 Harold Hackney (grad student)
Makana ChockSocial Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Gender Studies
Leslie D. Frazieridentity development and health in emerging adulthood and later life Psychology1993 Karen Hooker (grad student)
Richard J. SalviAuditory Neurophysiology Donald Henderson (grad student)
Meng-ning WangIndividual and Family Studies, GLBT Studies, Asian Studies, Women's Studies Marriage and Family Therapies2012 Linda S. Fish (grad student)
Lori L. Ploutz-SnyderNeuroscience Biology, Rehabilitation and Therapy, Recreation
Brian E. BorsariClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2003 Kate B. Carey (grad student)
Natalie Russosensory systems; ERP' multisensory integration; developmental disability; autism Sophie Molholm (post-doc)
Marti C. Howell-CollinsJournalism, Criminology and Penology, Mass Communications Mass Communications2012 Joan A. Deppa (grad student)
Peter VanableClinical Psychology
Frans CornelissenVisual Neuroscience1994 Denis G. Pelli (post-doc)
Sanghyeon CheonInstructional Design Education, Educational Psychology Education, Clinical Psychology Instructional Design, Development and Evaluation2013 James Bellini (grad student)
Kristin L. MacGregorGeneral Psychology, Cognitive Psychology Psychology2012 Randall S. Jorgensen (grad student)
Nathaniel R. Thomasmemory Psychology2014 Amy H. Criss (grad student)
Melissa M. LukeEducational Psychology Education, Elementary Education
William J. Hoyeraging, skill acquisition John Cerella (collaborator)
Elizabeth B. FeldhousenIndividual and Family Studies, Clinical Psychology, Women's Studies Marriage and Family Therapies2014 Linda S. Fish (grad student)
Lawrence J. LewandowskiCognitive Psychology, Neuroscience Biology
Roger P. HamernikAcoustics
Randall JorgesenGeneral Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Linda S. FishMental Health, Clinical Psychology
Dan J. NealClinical Psychology2004 Kate B. Carey (grad student)
Diane W. Keller1999 Alice Sterling Honig (grad student)
Jim BelliniRehabilitation and Therapy, Mental Health, Experimental Psychology
Kevin S. MastersClinical Psychology, General Religion, Spirituality
Christopher P. Terryaging, skill acquisition2009 William J. Hoyer (grad student)
Marc Howardhuman memory, computational modeling Michael E. Hasselmo (post-doc)
Ilene Siegler
Jonathan DeRightAging, Biostatistics Biology, Psychobiology Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Mental Health, Military Studies Psychology2014 Randall S. Jorgensen (grad student)
Fan-Gang Zengauditory system, cochlear implants, speech perception Christopher Turner (grad student)
Sheila AddisonGuidance and Counseling Education, Women's Studies, Clinical Psychology, Gender Studies2007 Linda S. Fish (grad student)
Ambika KrishnakumarEarly Childhood Education, Developmental Psychology, Special Education
Jennifer P. ProvynHuman memory Psychology2013 Marc Howard (grad student)
Jaclyn M. BexIndividual and Family Studies, Mental Health, Educational Psychology Education, Social Psychology Marriage and Family Therapies2014 Linda S. Fish (grad student)
Michelle S. MarcoeEducational Psychology Education, Psychometrics Psychology2001 Lawrence J. Lewandowski (grad student)
Sandra HewettInterplay between Excitotoxicity and Inflammation
Daria A. BakinaSocial Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Gender Studies Psychology2013 Makana Chock (grad student)
Wallace McAllister
Summer B. CookPhysiology Biology, Recreation2009 Lori L. Ploutz-Snyder (grad student)
John T. HustadClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Public Health2006 Kate B. Carey (grad student)
Lim Swee EngChildren's Socio-dramatic Play, Language and Literacy in Early Childhood1992 Alice Sterling Honig (grad student)
W. D. HoisingtonRehabilitation and Therapy, Mental Health, Experimental Psychology2003 Jim Bellini (grad student)
Randall S. JorgensenClinical Psychology
Chandramallika BasakMemory, Cognitive control, brain plasticity, skill learning Psychology2005 Paul Verhaeghen (grad student)
Stephen I. TilleryMotor Control Peter Strick (post-doc)
Janine M. BernardGuidance and Counseling Education, Personality Psychology
Stephen A. MaistoClinical Psychology
Adam C. Stein
Peter S. DiStefanoNeurotrophins, Oliver M. Brown (grad student)
Michael E. SudeSocial Psychology, Information Science, Individual and Family Studies2008 Linda S. Fish (grad student)
Laura M. SpenceleyCognitive Psychology, Neuroscience Biology Psychology2012 Melissa M. Luke (grad student)
Bart FarrellBinocular vision
Bo FernhallNeuroscience Biology, Psychobiology Psychology
Ava E. KleinmannEducational Psychology Education, Psychometrics Psychology, Reading Education2005 Lawrence J. Lewandowski (grad student)
Nicole SheaAutism; multisensory integraion; ERP
James D. RaperCounseling Psychology, Higher Education2010 Harold Hackney (grad student)
Linda S. DaleySpeech Communication, Mental Health, Web Studies Mass Communications2014 Makana Chock (grad student)
Lawrence Perlmuter Psychology Wallace McAllister (grad student)
Korrie Mack Ivan V. Korendovych (research assistant)
Moshe MarkoAging Exercise Science2012 Lori L. Ploutz-Snyder (grad student)
Dawn E. SugarmanClinical Psychology, Web Studies2009 Kate B. Carey (grad student)
Patricia M. Martin2000 Alice Sterling Honig (grad student)
James BelliniGuidance and Counseling Education, Social Psychology, Rehabilitation and Therapy
Andrea KnestelPhysiological Psychology, Behavioral Sciences Psychology2010 Kevin S. Masters (grad student)
David W. Steitzworking memory, aging2004 Paul Verhaeghen (grad student)
Karthik Shankarhuman memory, computational modeling Marc Howard (post-doc)
Tamara L. ClingermanGuidance and Counseling Education, Personality Psychology2006 Janine M. Bernard (grad student)
Wendy L. WolfeClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2001 Stephen A. Maisto (grad student)
Matthew R. Halleyevolutionary ecology, ethology, ornithology, animal behavior, systematics Adam C. Stein (research assistant)
Anthony J. Carusospeech motor control, stuttering Edward G. Conture (grad student)
Liang-Ying ChouIndividual and Family Studies, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Industrial Psychology2009 Linda S. Fish (grad student)
Mihaela RobilaIndividual and Family Studies, Clinical Psychology2002 Ambika Krishnakumar (grad student)
Tibor PalfaiDrugs and human behavior
Rosanne ParolinGeneral Psychology2006 Lawrence J. Lewandowski (grad student)
Nicole E. QuinteroEducational Psychology Education, Special Education2009 Rachel Razza (grad student)
Rebecca A. SilverGeneral Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Clinical Psychology Psychology2013 Randall Jorgesen (grad student)
Martin SliwinskiCognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology
Burak Guclutactile system Stanley J. Bolanowski, Jr. (grad student)
Stephen R. GaddisMental Health, Clinical Psychology2002 Linda S. Fish (grad student)
Kelly S. DeMartiniClinical Psychology Psychology2011 Kate B. Carey (grad student)
Holly Elisabeth Brophy-HerbParenting and emotion socialization, emotion-related socialization behaviors, Self-regulation and emotion regulation, Obesity Risk (including the links between infant-centered parenting and feeding practices, child self-regulation and obesity risk, Early1996 Alice Sterling Honig (grad student)
Carol A. SamesHealth Education2002 James Bellini (grad student)
Afton N. KapuscinskiClinical Psychology, General Religion, Spirituality Psychology2012 Kevin S. Masters (grad student)
Vinayak RaoComputational neuroscience Marc Howard (grad student)
Juleen K. BuserGuidance and Counseling Education, Clinical Psychology, Women's Studies, Spirituality2009 Janine M. Bernard (grad student)
Sonia SharmaClinical Psychology, Industrial Psychology2005 Stephen A. Maisto (grad student)
Brandy Bessette-Symonshuman memory, computational modeling2008 Marc Howard (grad student)
Gustav A. Engbretsonvisual neuroscience Paul Witkovsky (post-doc)
Nickolas A. JordanGeneral Psychology, Counseling Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2009 Linda S. Fish (grad student)
Kwanghee JungIndividual and Family Studies2005 Ambika Krishnakumar (grad student)
Stanley J. Bolanowski, Jr. Jozef J. Zwislocki (grad student), Ronald T. Verrillo (grad student)
John Cerellaaging, skill acquisition, cognitive control, working memory19972007 Paul Verhaeghen (collaborator), Richard J. Herrnstein (grad student)
Joan A. DeppaJournalism, Mass Communications, Social Psychology
Lauren A. ArbolinoTeacher Training Education, Social Psychology2006 Lawrence J. Lewandowski (grad student)
Brian Scott Jackson2003 Laurel H. Carney (grad student)
Craig ElwartClinical Psychology, General
Katherine McDonaldSpecial Education, General Psychology
Robert S. StawskiExperimental Psychology2006 Martin Sliwinski (grad student)
Vaidehi S. NatuFace perception Marc Howard (grad student)
Joy E. CorbyIndividual and Family Studies2003 Linda S. Fish (grad student)
Danielle L. TerryClinical Psychology, Counseling Psychology Psychology2012 Kate B. Carey (grad student)
Kyungja Park1991 Alice Sterling Honig (grad student)
Kevin WilkersonGuidance and Counseling Education, Industrial Psychology2004 James Bellini (grad student)
Rae A. LittlewoodClinical Psychology, Alternative Medicine2009 Peter Vanable (grad student)
Lois M. Truman Child and Family Studies2011 Alice Sterling Honig (grad student)
Linda StonefishMental Health, General Psychology
Sarah E. Woolf-KingClinical Psychology2010 Stephen A. Maisto (grad student)
Alfred A. Emondivision2008 Bart Farell (grad student)
Akwete C. NobleIndividual and Family Studies, Counseling Psychology, Black Studies, African American Studies2010 Linda S. Fish (grad student)
Leah K. WildengerEarly Childhood Education, Developmental Psychology, Special Education Psychology2011 Ambika Krishnakumar (grad student)
Martin Katahnhealth psychology, diet and nutrition, cancer1962 Sanford J. Dean (grad student)
Blair CalancieBiomedical Engineering, Neuroscience Biology, System Science Engineering
Rebecca A. GathjeEducational Psychology Education, Clinical Psychology, Higher Education2009 Lawrence J. Lewandowski (grad student)
Michael C. Anzalone2005 Laurel H. Carney (grad student)
Benita A. BlachmanReading Education, Educational Psychology Education
Melissa PeplingCognitive Psychology, Neuroscience Biology
Jacqueline MogleCognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology Psychology2011 Martin Sliwinski (grad student)
Keith JosefPhotoreceptors2005 Kenneth W. Foster (grad student)
Alice Sterling Honig1975 Bettye M. Caldwell (collaborator), Bettye M. Caldwell (post-doc)
Sheila M. Shahidzadeh20132018 Sandra Hewett (grad student)
Roxanne L. HillEthnic and Racial Studies, Black Studies, Developmental Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2004 Linda S. Fish (grad student)
Deborah NazarianClinical Psychology2009 Joshua M. Smyth (grad student)
Joanne ScandaleRehabilitation and Therapy2004 James Bellini (grad student)
Joseph P. VoglewedeClinical Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Women's Studies2010 Peter Vanable (grad student)
Oliver M. BrownSynaptic Mechanisms; Autonomic Innervation; Heavy Metal Toxicity
Tanya HoracekNutrition, Behavioral Psychology, Public Health
Allison K. LabbeClinical Psychology Psychology2012 Stephen A. Maisto (grad student)
Nathan G. Armatasvisual neuroscience2009 Gustav A. Engbretson (grad student)
Paul Verhaeghenworking memory, aging Alfons Marcoen (grad student)
Maria d. CastanedaIndividual and Family Studies, Genetics, Social Work2010 Linda S. Fish (grad student)
Soohyun KimTheory and Methods, Individual and Family Studies, Multimedia Communications Child and Family Studies2011 Ambika Krishnakumar (grad student)
Eric A. SchepisBiomedical Engineering, Neuroscience Biology, System Science Engineering2010 Blair Calancie (grad student)
Cassie L. BergerReading Education, Secondary Education, Tests and Measurements Education2010 Lawrence J. Lewandowski (grad student)
Paul C. Nelson2006 Laurel H. Carney (grad student)
Michael G. HeinzAuditory system Laurel H. Carney (grad student)
Teresa M. MacDonaldSpecial Education, Teacher Training Education2007 Benita A. Blachman (grad student)
Craig K. EwartSocial Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Experimental Psychology
Kate B. CareyClinical Psychology
Santana BurintramartPhotoreceptors2009 Kenneth W. Foster (grad student)
Deborah A. CoolhartIndividual and Family Studies, Women's Studies2006 Linda S. Fish (grad student)
Robin S. EverhartClinical Psychology, Individual and Family Studies2010 Joshua M. Smyth (grad student)
Rebecca S. DalginRehabilitation and Therapy, Social Work2005 James Bellini (grad student)
Jessie NaughtonClinical Psychology Psychology2012 Peter Vanable (grad student)
William J. Meyerdevelopmental psychology
Renee E. ColeNutrition, Behavioral Psychology, Public Health2006 Tanya Horacek (grad student)
Marketa KrenekClinical Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Behavioral Psychology, Personality Psychology Psychology2014 Stephen A. Maisto (grad student)
Christopher H. SotakDevelopment of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods1983 George C. Levy (grad student)
Ginny-Lea TonoreMental Health, Public Health, Social Psychology Marriage and Family Therapies2011 Linda S. Fish (grad student)
Jodi A. CanfieldIndividual and Family Studies, Recreation, Public Health Child and Family Studies2012 Ambika Krishnakumar (grad student)
Patrick L. PlaisanceJournalism, Mass Communications, Social Psychology2002 Joan A. Deppa (grad student)
Kaitlin HendricksEducational Psychology Education, English as a Second Language Education, Reading Education Psychology2013 Lawrence J. Lewandowski (grad student)
Sean Adam Davidson2007 Laurel H. Carney (grad student)
Kristen A. MungerReading Education, Educational Psychology Education2010 Benita A. Blachman (grad student)
Sudipta DuttaEndocrinology Biology Biology2014 Melissa Pepling (grad student)
Joshua M. SmythClinical Psychology
Sitichoke AmnuanpolPhotoreceptors2009 Kenneth W. Foster (grad student)
Thomas E. FrumkesVisual psychophysics Joseph F. Sturr (grad student)
Loree A. JohnsonClinical Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education2006 Linda S. Fish (grad student)
Kelly FilipkowskiSocial Psychology2010 Joshua M. Smyth (grad student)
Bart Farellvision1985 Denis G. Pelli (collaborator)
Deborah A. StorringsTechnology of Education, Curriculum and Instruction Education2005 James Bellini (grad student)
Marie D. SauroPhysiological Psychology, Psychobiology Psychology, Clinical Psychology2002 Randall S. Jorgensen (grad student)
Yo O. ChangIndividual and Family Studies Child and Family Studies2013 Ambika Krishnakumar (grad student)
Kenneth W. FosterPhotoreceptors
Harold HackneyCounseling Psychology, Clinical Psychology
Todd M. BishopClinical Psychology, Mental Health Psychology2014 Stephen A. Maisto (grad student)
DeMarquis ClarkeGLBT Studies, African American Studies Marriage and Family Therapies2011 Linda S. Fish (grad student)
Jeffrey S. SimonsClinical Psychology, Social Psychology2000 Kate B. Carey (grad student)
Diego BonillaMass Communications, Information Science, Technology of Education2003 Joan A. Deppa (grad student)
Yan Gai2007 Laurel H. Carney (grad student)
Angelique F. VanBodenReading Education, Early Childhood Education Reading and Language Arts2011 Benita A. Blachman (grad student)
Gavin J. ElderSocial Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Experimental Psychology Psychology2014 Craig K. Ewart (grad student)
Suphatra AdulrattananuwatPhotoreceptors Physics2011 Kenneth W. Foster (grad student)
Tziporah E. RosenbergMental Health, General Psychology2006 Linda S. Fish (grad student)
Kristin E. HeronClinical Psychology Psychology2011 Joshua M. Smyth (grad student)
Jozef J. ZwislockiPsychophysics, auditory system, biophysics
Colleen M. SunderlinRehabilitation and Therapy, Guidance and Counseling Education2007 James Bellini (grad student)
Jennifer SchumPhysiological Psychology, Personality Psychology, Women's Studies2004 Randall S. Jorgensen (grad student)
Megan E. LapeIndividual and Family Studies, Theory and Methods, Developmental Psychology Child and Family Studies2013 Ambika Krishnakumar (grad student)
Amy H. Crissmemory
Rachel RazzaEducational Psychology Education, Special Education
Leonard S. NewmanSocial Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Gender Studies
Ronald T. Verrillo
Ileana UngureanuCounseling Psychology Marriage and Family Therapies2011 Linda S. Fish (grad student)
Steven C. ChamberlainNeuroscience Biology, Biomedical Engineering
David T. PilkeyClinical Psychology2000 Kate B. Carey (grad student)
Dan RoweJournalism, Climate Change, General Mass Communications2011 Joan A. Deppa (grad student)
Nina StoeckelClinical Psychology, General2010 Craig Elwart (grad student)
Merle S. BrunoVisual comparative physiology19571960 Donald Kennedy (grad student)
Robert L. SmithAuditory System19661973 Jozef J. Zwislocki (grad student)
Thomas J. WalshBehavioral Neuroscience19761980 Tibor Palfai (grad student)
Don ColingInner Ear Neurobiology19761979 Roger P. Hamernik (grad student)
Donald Thomas CampbellSocial and Methodology
Clayton Van Dorensensory communication19841987 Denis G. Pelli (grad student)
Preeti Verghese19861990 Denis G. Pelli (grad student)
Chandan J. VaidyaExecutive function, Autism, ADHD, pediatric neuroimaging, dopamine, functional networks19871992 William J. Hoyer (grad student)
Monita ChatterjeeAuditory system, cochlear implants19881994 Jozef J. Zwislocki (grad student), Robert L. Smith (grad student)
Erik D. Herzogcircadian biology, vision, olfaction19901994 Robert B. Barlow (grad student)
Manoj Raghavanneurology19901995 Denis G. Pelli (grad student)
Gemma D. Skillman Clinical Psychology19911999 Barbara H. Fiese (grad student)
Joshua A. SolomonVisual perception, modeling19921993 Denis G. Pelli (post-doc)
Dayna R. Touronmeta-cognition, aging19962001 William J. Hoyer (grad student)
James P. GaskaVision19971981 Joseph F. Sturr (grad student)
Norbou E. Buchlercognitive neuroscience, aging, memory, cognitive control, skill acquisition, computational modeling, cognitive work analysis19972003 John Cerella (grad student), William J. Hoyer (grad student)
Chu-Chu WuParental Involvement, Emergent Literacy, Teaching Quality19992007 Alice Sterling Honig (grad student)
Nathan A. Billings20002002 John Belote (research assistant)
Ozkan OzgunChild Development, Social and Cultural Development, Family Therapy, Play Therapy20002005 Alice Sterling Honig (grad student)
Vincent D. CostaReinforcement Learning, Decision Making, Emotion, Neurophysiology, Neuropsychopharmacology, Psychophysiology Psychology20022004 Joshua M. Smyth (research assistant)
Donna Jo BridgeCognitive Neuroscience, Memory, Reactivation, Retrieval20052006 Marc Howard (research assistant)
Asli Kilic20072012 Amy H. Criss (grad student), Marc Howard (grad student)
William R. AueMemory and attention Psychology20082014 Amy H. Criss (grad student)
Pernille Hemmer20112012 Amy H. Criss (post-doc)
Katherine L. McCoy (Mitterling) Biology20082015 Donna L. Korol (grad student)
Gregory J. KoopCognitive Psychology, Judgement and Decision Making, Recognition, Computational Models 2012 Amy H. Criss (post-doc)
Roger Koppleconomics
Michael L. Kalish
Samantha DeVita Psychology20142016 Rebecca J. Houston (grad student)
Jacob ShreckengostSpinal Cord Injury
Carl Erick HagmannMultisensory integration, cognition, psychophysics, animal behavior, autism Psychology Psychology20142016 Natalie Russo (post-doc), Natalie Russo (post-doc)
Gregory Edward CoxMemory, cognition, Bayesian statistics Psychology Psychology20152018 Amy H. Criss (post-doc), Michael L. Kalish (collaborator)
Daniel E. AcuñaDecision making, decoding