Scripps Florida

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Jonathan Hollander2006 Paul J. Kenny (post-doc)
Qun Lu2007 Paul J. Kenny (research scientist)
Claes Wahlestedt
Christie D. Fowler Paul J. Kenny (post-doc)
Brooke H. Miller20082008 Paul J. Kenny (post-doc)
William Ja
Heh-In Im Paul J. Kenny (post-doc)
Keith Murphy Neuroscience20132018 William Ja (grad student)
Purva Bali Paul J. Kenny (research scientist)
Neelam Shahani Modulators of neurodegenerative disease relevant biochemical pathways.
Brian R. LeeAddiction2012 Paul J. Kenny (post-doc)
Paul J. KennyAddiction
Luis M. TuestaAddiction Paul J. Kenny (grad student)
Sietse JonkmanBehavioural Neuroscience2011 Paul J. Kenny (post-doc)
Don K. PhamDrug Addiction, Protein Structure20062007 Paul J. Kenny (research assistant)
Shaun P. BrothersGPCRs P. Michael Conn (grad student), Claes Wahlestedt (post-doc)
Ronald L. Davislearning and memory
Kyle A. Vick IVLearning and memory, SK channels, Integrins, Dopamine Ronald L. Davis (research assistant)
Molly HeyermicroRNAs, addiction, psychiatric disorders2011 Paul J. Kenny (post-doc)
Paul JohnsonNeurobiology of obesity2007 Paul J. Kenny (grad student)
Miguel A. Lopez-ToledanoNeuroscience, Alzheimer, Neural Stem Cells, Neuronal Differentiation
Christopher A. BakerNeuroscience, neurodegeneration, prion disease Charles Weissmann (grad student)
Charles Weissmannprion disease, interferon
Sean E McGuireRadiation Oncology; Prostate cancer; Cancer cell metabolism; metabolic imaging2003 Ronald L. Davis (grad student)
Keith William Whitakersocial behavior plasticity20052006 Teresa M. Reyes (research assistant)