University of Guelph (Canada)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Thomas Parmentier Biomedical Sciences Clinical Studies Biomedical Sciences2016 Fiona M. K. James (grad student), Edouard Marchal (collaborator), Jonathan LaMarre (grad student)
Edouard Marchal
Roberto Poma
Kathryn E. Reynolds Molecular and Cellular Biology2014 John P. Vessey (grad student)
Predrag RajsicAgricultural, Environmental, and Resource Economics
Ian J. H. DuncanAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Behavioral Psychology
Suzanne T. MillmanAnimal Culture and Nutrition Agriculture, Behavioral Psychology2000 Ian J. H. Duncan (grad student)
Francesco LeriBehavioral Psychology, Cognitive Psychology
Benjamin GoddardBehavioral Psychology, Cognitive Psychology2011 Francesco Leri (grad student)
Sarah Cassidy HowardBio-medical science and neuroscience
Mary M. KonstantareasClinical Psychology
Valerie K. TempleClinical Psychology2002 Mary M. Konstantareas (grad student)
B A. MorrongielloDevelopmental Psychology
Jennifer Lasenby-LessardDevelopmental Psychology2011 B A. Morrongiello (grad student)
Maureen W. LovettDevelopmental Psychology, Reading Education, Educational Psychology Education
Jan C. FrijtersDevelopmental Psychology, Reading Education, Educational Psychology Education2004 Roderick W. Barron (grad student)
Frances E.C. StewartEcology20102012 Andrew G. McAdam (grad student)
Roderick W. BarronEducational Psychology Education, Reading Education
Anita BurhanpurkarEducational Psychology Education, Reading Education2002 Roderick W. Barron (grad student)
Fiona M. K. JamesEpilepsy, Dogs, Electroencephalography, Brain Oscillations Clinical Studies20062009 Roberto Poma (grad student)
Greg Chung-YanGeneral Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Social Psychology Psychology19972006 Steven F. Cronshaw (grad student)
Steven F. CronshawIndustrial Psychology
Rebecca L. SchalmIndustrial Psychology2000 Steven F. Cronshaw (grad student)
Benjamin H. GottliebIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration
Jennifer A. RooneyIndustrial Psychology, Management Business Administration2004 Ben H. Gottlieb (grad student)
Leanne Son Hinginequality, prejudice, discrimination, organizational behavior, health, well-being Psychology D. Ramona Bobocel (grad student)
Simon X. YangIntelligent Systems, Roboticis, Control, Sensors, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Systems
Ben H. GottliebSocial Psychology, Behavioral Psychology
John C. SylvestreSocial Psychology, Behavioral Psychology2000 Ben H. Gottlieb (grad student)