East China Normal University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Aihua Chen School of psychology and cognitive science Sze Chai Kwok (collaborator)
Guifen ChenSpatial memory Longnian Lin (grad student)
shen wei dapatch clamp
Yue Dai Communication and Electronic Engineering20022003 Marc D. Binder (post-doc)
Yiping GuoAuditory 20012004 Xinde Sun (grad student)
Ming Han
Yi-Fei HuVision School of Psychology and Cognitive Science20152021 Shuguang Kuai (research assistant)
Yinying Hu
Leyu Huang2020 Sze Chai Kwok (research assistant)
Yixuan KuWorking Memory2013 Yong-Di Zhou (post-doc), Shangkai Gao (grad student), Andreas K. Engel (research assistant), Adam Gazzaley (post-doc)
Xinjian Lilearning and memory Xinde Sun (grad student)
Qi Liang
Longnian LinHippocampus, Neural coding Joe Tsien (post-doc), Xinde Sun (grad student)
Longnian LinHippocampus, Neural coding
Yuhan LuAuditory cognitive neuroscience; audiology Psychology and Cognitive Science20212025 Xing Tian (grad student)
Shufeng Ma
Yu Ting Mao20012004 Xinde Sun (grad student)
Xinde Sunauditory system
Jie YangMultisensory Integration, Adaptation/Calibration, Vestibular System School of Life Sciences20192022 Aihua Chen (grad student)
Xiping ZhanNeural circuitry and synaptic function, IPSCs induced neurons19961999 Xinde Sun (grad student), Shanqing Zhang (grad student)
Lu Zhang
Shanqing Zhangauditory system
Jiping Zhangauditory neurophysiology, Hearing research Xinde Sun (grad student), Philip HS Jen (research scientist)
Chen Zhou
Ning Zhou
Xiaoming ZhouAuditory system Philip HS Jen (grad student)