University of New South Wales, Australia

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
David J. AdamsMembrane physiology, Ion channels, Receptor pharmacology, Conotoxins19741978 Peter William Gage (grad student)
Ruth Elijah School of Psychology20142017 Thomas Whitford (grad student)
Nathan Han Psychology20172021 Thomas Whitford (grad student)
Bradley N. JackCognitive neuroscience, Vision research, EEG, ERP, Psychology, Perception, Awareness, MMN, vMMN Psychology Psychology20172019 Thomas Whitford (post-doc), Thomas Whitford (research assistant)
Nathan Mifsud Psychology2017 Thomas Whitford (grad student)
Lena Oestreich Psychology2016 Thomas Whitford (grad student)
Thomas WhitfordSchizophrenia, EEG, ERP, cognitive neuroscience