Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Fai Tangendocrinology, neuropeptide STH Chan (grad student)
Stella Wai Han Yiu
Rumjahn HoosainPsycholinguistics
Tom Joseph BarryExperimental Psychopathology
Stacey S. Chernystatistical genetics
Tom Joseph BarryExperimental Psychopathology
Maria Mercedes GARCIA-BARCELO Department of Surgery19971999 Mary Miu Yee WAYE (post-doc)
Jimmy de la TorreLatent Variable Modeling, Item Response Theory, Cognitive Diagnosis Models, Use of Assessment to Improve Classroom Instruction and Learning
Ming Wai PoonStem Cells, dyslexia candidate gene KIAA0391L
Ray Kit NgDevelopment
Li Lioptic flow, motor control
STH Chanembryology, transgenic technology
Raymond Chuen-Chung ChangNeuroscience, neuroimmunology, neurodegeneration, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, glaucoma, herbal medicine, depression, neuroinflammation
Masayo KotakaProtein Structural Studies Cheuk-yu Lee (grad student)
Jeffrey A. Saunders3D perception, perception and action
Enders Kai-On NGCirculating biomarker discovery for breast cancer diagnosis and prognosis 19972000 Kwok Pui Fung (grad student)
Guilian Xutransgenic mice, Alzheimer's disease, ALS,19962001 Fai Tang (grad student), STH Chan (grad student)
Chi-Shing Tse20022003 Rumjahn Hoosain (research assistant)
Diederick C. Niehorstereye movements, optic flow, self-motion, human vision Department of Psychology Department of Psychology20142014 Li Li (grad student), Li Li (post-doc)