Texas A & M University - College Station

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
John J Buchanancoordination, observational learning, tDCS, TMS
Edith Chenault Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications20042008 Tracy Rutherford (grad student)
Angela Clendenin Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications20152017 Tracy Rutherford (grad student)
Lori Costello Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications20132018 Tracy Rutherford (grad student)
Chao GuEEG; EDA; ADHD; Complexity; Cognitive; Sleep; Neuroscience20162020 Steven Woltering (grad student)
Morgan Anderson Jenkins Horticulture20132016 Tracy Rutherford (grad student)
Holli Leggette Agricultural Leadership, Education and Communications20092013 Tracy Rutherford (grad student)
Jianfeng LiuLearning and memory; Drug addiction; Emotion
Silvio Maciasbats, echolocation, auditory system
Tobin Redwine Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications20112015 Tracy Rutherford (grad student)
Tracy RutherfordAgricultural Communications Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications2002 Gary Wingenbach (collaborator)
Ian Smithneuromuscular junctions, Schwann cells, synaptic competition20112019 Wesley J. Thompson (grad student)
Annie Specht
Terrence P SylvesterEvolutionary biology Biology2017 Heath Blackmon (grad student)
Sharon Wagner Agricultural Leadership, Educations and Communications20162020 Tracy Rutherford (grad student)
Judith White
Gary Wingenbach