Nottingham Trent University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
David Godden
Daniel Clark Thomas S. Baguley (grad student)
Thomas J. Dunn Psychology Thomas S. Baguley (grad student)
W K "Danny" Kaye School of Art Thomas S. Baguley (grad student)
Lydia Hardowar Biomedical Sciences2019 Richard P. Hulse (grad student)
Tameille Valentine Bioscience Richard P. Hulse (grad student)
Georgina Elizabeth Gous"Speaker Recognition Memory", Speaker Perception", "Voice Perception", "Voice Recognition", "Fundamental Frequency", "Speech Rate" School of Business and Social Sciences20132016 Andrew K. Dunn (grad student), Thomas S. Baguley (grad student)
Gabriella MutaleBody Perception, Evolution,
Catherine PrestonBody Representation
Mark A. Crook-RumseyCannabinoids, functional connectivity, electrophysiology
Thomas S. BaguleyExperimental psychology, Psychological statistics, Human memory, Cognition, Spatial cognition
Harriet M J Smithface perception, voice perception Andrew K. Dunn (grad student), Thomas S. Baguley (grad student)
Karima SusifMRI, EEG, auditory system, pitch coding, mental health, CAMHS, ADHD, ED Andrew K. Dunn (grad student)
Belinda Winderforensic; sexual; sex offenders; medicine; doctors; packaging; consumer; ageing; mixed method; qualitative; questionnaires; medical students
Andrew K. DunnPerception, Memory, Attention, Evolution
Christine Normanpsychopharmacology, schizophrenia, forensic psychology, addiction, associative learning