Oxford University, UK

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Paulo BorbaComputer Science Programming Research Group19911995 Joseph A. Goguen (grad student)
James J. CollinsSystems Biology, Synthetic Biology Department of Engineering Science John O’Connor (grad student)
Dejan Draschkowvision, memory, attention Department of Psychology2019 Anna C. Nobre (post-doc)
Joseph P GarnerEthology, Animal Welfare, Psychiatry, Reproducibility, Statistics, Metascience Zoology19951999 Georgia Mason (grad student)
Robert N GoodmanBrain and Behavioural Medicine Christopher Ounsted (research scientist)
Theofanis Karayannisneuroscience interneurons Neuroscience Marco Capogna (grad student)
Vanja Kovic Psychology Gert Westermann (grad student)
Paul C Leylandchemistry
Matthias LoidoltOptical Biology, Neural Dynamics Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics20182018 Adam Max Packer (research assistant)
Jessica Mitchell Centre of Neural Circuits and Behaviour20152019 Scott Waddell (grad student)
Christopher Ounsted
Deng Pandecision making, social cogntive neuroscience
Bhagyashree Senapati Centre of Neural Circuits and Behaviour2020 Scott Waddell (post-doc)
Philip H S Torr