Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Stephen Arch
Justine BarryHCN1 channels Stephen Arch (research assistant)
Valerie M. BeckVisual Cognition, Visual Attention, Eye Movements, Visual Working Memory19992003 Dell L. Rhodes (research assistant)
Julia CarletonNeurogenetics, Animal Behavior20072009 Susan C.P. Renn (research assistant)
Henry Cooney Paul J. Currie (research assistant)
Paul J. Curriereward, pharmacology
Timothy M. FlemmingComparative Cognition
William N. Frostoptical recording, learning and memory Stephen Arch (research assistant)
Paul A. FuchsIon channels, auditory neuroscience19731974 Stephen Arch (research assistant)
Stephanie C. GantzG protein-coupled receptors, synaptic transmission, ion channels
Timothy D. HackenbergBehavior Analysis, Comparative Cognition, Behavioral Economics
Carol D. HegstromNeurobiology, Biology19881989 Stephen Arch (research assistant)
Kevin J. Holmescognitive science, language and thought, concepts
Michael Blake HoppaExocytosis, ion channels, trafficking19992000 Stephen Arch (research assistant)
Lucas IllingComputational modeling, dynamics
Greg JensenCognitive Psychology,Behavior Analysis20022009 Allen Neuringer (research assistant)
Katrina L. KelnerNeuroscience, Publishing19731975 Stephen Arch (research assistant)
Nate KornellMemory Psychology Psychology Allen Neuringer (grad student), Daniel Reisberg (grad student)
Margaret Bull KoveraSocial Psychology, Law
David S KozinDepersonalization, MDMA, HPPD
Jeremy LeitzSynaptic Vesicle Recycling20042008 Stephen Arch (research assistant)
Adam LinstedtMembrane Trafficking19781982 Stephen Arch (research assistant)
Philip E. Lloydneuropeptides, transmitter release19731973 Stephen Arch (research assistant)
Steven J. LuckPsychophysics, ERP, attention, working memory, schizophrenia19841986 Allen Neuringer (research assistant), Dell L. Rhodes (research assistant)
John F. NeumaierSerotonin receptors, stress, addiction Stephen Arch (research assistant)
Allen NeuringerAnimal Behavior, Variability, Randomness Daniel Bullock (collaborator)
Michael Pitts
David A RamirezComputer Networking
Christian R L ReillySensory ecology, Low-light vision, Thermal noise20052007 Susan C.P. Renn (post-doc)
Daniel Reisberg
Susan C.P. RennBehavioral genomics
Dell L. RhodesCognitive Neuroscience
Tracy W. SaxClinical neurologist19881989 Stephen Arch (research assistant)
Molly E. SchumerEvolution of Behavior20072009 Susan C.P. Renn (research assistant)
Timothy J. SextonCircadian Photoreception19941994 Stephen Arch (research assistant)
Juliet P. Shaftocognitive neuroscience, visual perception Psychology Michael Pitts (research assistant)
Paul H. TaghertCircadian rhythms, Drosophila, Neurobiology, Neuropeptide, GPCR, 2nd messenger signaling19731975 Stephen Arch (research assistant)
Cecilia Phillips Torocalcium channels2003 Stephen Arch (research assistant)
Cadence True20062007 Susan C.P. Renn (research assistant)
Edgar T. WaltersNociceptors, pain, memory, evolution, spinal cord injury, cell signaling19731974 Stephen Arch (research assistant)
Zara Y. Weinbergcell signaling, quantiative biology, synthetic biology, cell engineering Psychology20082011 Paul J. Currie (research assistant)
Alison Ruth WeissCognition20012005 Allen Neuringer (research assistant)
Margaret WilsonEmbodied cognition, working memory19871988 Daniel Reisberg (research assistant)
Erik Zornikcommunication, neural circuits