University College London (UCL)

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Sean CloustonNeuroepidemiology, Sociology, Demography, Lifelong Health and Ageing20112012 Marcus Richards (post-doc)
Debanjan DasguptaOlfaction, Hippocampus, Physiology Dementia Research Institute2020 Marc Aurel Busche (post-doc)
Alessandro R. GalloniComputational neuroscience, neurophysiology, dendritic integration, synaptic plasticity The Francis Crick Institute20152020 Ede A. Rancz (grad student)
Matthias LoidoltOptical Biology, Neural Dynamics
M. Gorkem OzyurtMotoneurons, Synapse, Interneurons, ALS, EMG, Patch-clamp, Immunolabelling, Spinal cord