Beijing Normal University, China

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Yan Baovisual attention Zhongliang Feng (grad student)
Ying CaiLearning and Memory, Cognitive control National Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning2008 Gui Xue (grad student)
Yifei CaoMental structure, Memory
Zhongliang FengEducational Psychology
Qingfen HuDepartment of psychology
Junhao HuangHippocampus, Extracellular Ephys State Key laboratory of cognitive neuroscience and learning2017 Xiaohui Zhang (grad student)
Tong LiMemory, Intracranial EEG
Yi Lu State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience & Learning20212023 Xiaohui Zhang (post-doc)
Yunqi Ma2018 Mikko Juusola (grad student)
Lin Misecond language learning; speech perception
Xiaobo Qiu
Chuyan Qucognitive development, numerical cognition, visual attention Department of Psychology20172019 Qingfen Hu (research assistant)
Ziwei Shang State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience & Learning20162022 Xiaohui Zhang (grad student)
Mengmeng SuDevelopmental dyslexia20132014 Franck Ramus (grad student)
Fengchao Wang20152020 Xiaohui Zhang (grad student)
Hao WangBrain-Computer-Interface, Vision and Language State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning20182021 Zheng Li (grad student)
Yifan Wang2019 Mikko Juusola (grad student)
Huanqing WangPsychology
Yujie XiaoDopaminergic neuron; ion channel; receptor; Multi-photon imaging20152021 Yousheng Shu (grad student)
Xiaofeng Xu
Xinyuan Yanplacebo effect; social learning; neural representation; self representation; psychiatry state key lab of cognitive neuroscience and learning20162022 Yina . Ma (grad student)
Anmin YangCognitive Neuroscience
Xiaoxu Yangmosaicism in development and its role in neurological disorders Biological Sciences20102012 Xiaobo Qiu (research assistant)
Li Yao20142020 Xiaohui Zhang (grad student)
Yu-Feng Zang
Yuan Zhang20132019 Xiaohui Zhang (grad student)
Xiaohui ZhangCritical period, hippocampus
Yuan-Fang Zhao
Xi-Nian ZuoApplied Mathematics, Neuroimaging, Neuroscience State Key Laboratory of Cognitive Neuroscience and Learning20062008 Yu-Feng Zang (post-doc)