University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Alexander Halim Orthopaedic Surgery Resident at UC Irvine Health19961998 Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Kimberly D. AndersonRNA stability, GAP-43, HUD, forelimb behavior, cervical SCI, consumer preferences, cell transplantation, outcome measures
Zane Anwar Cornea & External Disease20092010 Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Negar Asdaghi Neurology20122015 Ralph L Sacco (post-doc)
John R. Bethea
Briana Bohannoninterneurons, plasticity, neuroscience Physiology and Biophysics20152019 H Peter Larsson (grad student)
Brian D. Burrell Kenneth J. Muller (post-doc)
Alejandro CaicedoDiabetes, Neuroscience19992004 Stephen D. Roper (post-doc)
Francisco Javier Carod Ralph L Sacco (post-doc)
Susana R. CerqueiraBiomaterials, Spinal Cord Injury, Neuroinflammation, Drug Delivery20182017 Mary Bartlett Bunge (post-doc), Jae K. Lee (post-doc)
Ren-Shiang ChenCav, BK channels2008 Karl L. Magleby (post-doc)
Lasse Christiansenelectrophysiology, brain stimulation, spinal cord injury, motor learning, plasticity Miami Project to Cure Paralysis20152017 Monica Perez (post-doc)
Charles cohen Postdoctoral Research Fellow at University of Miami, Miller School of Medicine20162018 Ralph L Sacco (post-doc)
Rosie Curiel
Gavriel DavidPhysiology and pathology of Calcium handling in motor axons and terminals19891991 Ellen F. Barrett (post-doc)
Chuanhui Dong Neurology Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Lucy Funk20132016 Jae K. Lee (grad student)
Richard A Gan
Hannah Gardener Neurology20072009 Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Carolina Marinovic Gutierrez Neurology Ralph L Sacco (research scientist)
Philip D. HarveySevere mental illness; technology; genomics Martin Strassnig (collaborator), David Loewenstein (collaborator), Rosie Curiel (collaborator)
Sharie J. Haugabook Physiology and Biophysics20012003 Kenneth J. Muller (post-doc)
Seth Herr2023 Jae K. Lee (post-doc)
Sunil Iyer20142016 Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Mackenzie T Jones Philip D. Harvey (grad student)
Brian Kang2023 Jae K. Lee (grad student)
Judith D Krigman
Thomas W. Lategan
Hye-Sung Lee University of San Fransisco Health20042006 Ralph L Sacco (post-doc)
Jae K. LeeSpinal cord injury
George C. Lingpsychiatry, fMRI, psychosis, cognition
David Loewenstein
jessica Loring Neurology20082010 Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Kirill Lyapichev20112014 Jae K. Lee (post-doc)
Erika Marulanda Neurology20162018 Ralph L Sacco (post-doc), Mitch S. Elkind (grad student)
Matthew Markert, MD Neurologist at Sutter Health - Palo Alto Medical Foundation20082013 Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Alan MecaIdentity Development, Acculturation,Cultural Identity
Lindsay Milich20172021 Jae K. Lee (grad student)
Michelle L Miller Philip D. Harvey (grad student)
Simone Y MohiteTBI, neuroscience, neurodegeneration Neuroscience2022 Jae K. Lee (grad student)
Teshamae Monteith Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Emmanuel Mbaku Ngu Physiology and Biophysics20032007 Kenneth J. Muller (post-doc)
Ioan OprisCognitive Neurophysiology, Spinal Cord Injury, Neural Technology
Nidhi Patel Neurology2021 Ralph L Sacco (post-doc)
Alberto R Ramos Neurology Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Brad S. RothbergK+ channels19941999 Karl L. Magleby (post-doc)
Michelle Rudman20142017 Jae K. Lee (grad student)
Christine B. Ryan20182022 Jae K. Lee (grad student)
Ralph L SaccoNeurology, Epidemiology, Genetics, Neuroscience
Constantine D. SarantopoulosPain, Neuropathic, Ion Channels, ATP-sensitive K+ channels
Devika Shukla2023 Jae K. Lee (grad student)
Juliet Silberstein Philip D. Harvey (grad student)
Amy K. StarosciakNeurological diseases and disorders20102011 Sari Izenwasser (post-doc)
Martin Strassnig
Christine K. Thomas
Serge Timsit neurology19891990 Ralph L Sacco (post-doc)
Seth M. TomchikLearning & memory, Drosophila20062007 Stephen D. Roper (post-doc)
Ephraim F. Trakhtenbergaxon regeneration, neural stem cells Neuroscience Program20082013 Jeffrey L. Goldberg (grad student)
Claude-Henry VolmarDrug Discovery, Neuroscience, Cancer Biology, Precision Medicine, Molecular Biology, Cell Biology Center for Therapeutic Innovation and Department of Psychiatry2011 Claes Wahlestedt (collaborator)
Junjie Wang Physiology and Biophysics2009 Gerhard Dahl (grad student)
Qiang Xu Biostatistic20042006 Ralph L Sacco (grad student)
Stephanie Yahn20142019 Jae K. Lee (grad student)
Mehdi Youbi  Ralph L Sacco (post-doc)