National Insitutes of Health

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Bruce A. BerkowitzNeuroscience Biology, Aging Laboratory of Cardiac Energetics NIEHS19901992 Robert Stephen Balaban (post-doc), Robert Elliot London (post-doc)
John Anthony ButmanNeuroimaging
David Paul Collins NICHD20132014 Chris McBain (research assistant)
Paul J. Fitzgerald Andrew Holmes (post-doc)
Juhee HaamNeuroscience, memory Neurobiology Laboratory Jerrel Yakel (post-doc)
Xinjian Lilearning and memory20132018 Kuanhong Wang (post-doc)
CiRong LiuMarmoset, Neuroimaging, MRI, Connectome, Neuroanatomy, Non-human Primates
Miriam Z. MintzerBehavioral pharmacology, cognition
Saurabh PandeyNeuroscience
Arash (Seyed Reza)
Kuanhong Wang
Jerrel Yakel
Xuefei Yu
Xilin ZhangATTENTION, VISION National Institute of Mental Health20142018 Leslie Ungerleider (post-doc)
Zhewei Zhangdecision making, LIP; reinforcement learning, dopamine