Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Rachel Cooper2010 Steffan Kennett (grad student)
Ignazio Puzzo Nicholas R. Cooper (grad student)
Christoph Tremmel
Richard Hanley
Keith A. May
William J. Matthews
Nan Zhao Department of Modern Languages and Linguistics Yanping Dong (grad student)
John Newton Bradley
Michael J. Brooks1983 Michael Brady (grad student)
Luca Citi
Gethin HughesAction, Agency, Prediction, Vision, Audition, Attention, Consciousness, EEG
Nicholas R. CooperEEG, TMS Adrian P. Burgess (grad student), Rodney Croft (grad student)
Tom FoulshamEye movements, Visual attention, Scene perception, Social attention
Andrew Stanton Frenchmechanoreception, visual system, biophysics Chemistry19651968 John Newton Bradley (grad student)
Yiyuan HanNeural Engineering, pain, functional brain connectivity School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering Department of Psychology20192022 Sebastian Halder (grad student), Elia Valentini (grad student)
Harald ClahsenSecond language acquisition, neurolinguistics
Sohail SiadatnejadSpike train analysis, Information theory, Encoding, Decosing CSEE20172018 Luca Citi (post-doc)
Steffan KennettVisuo-tactile attention and perception