Cleveland State University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Dinko BacicManagement Business Administration, Information Science, Industrial Psychology Monte Ahuja College of Business2014 Raymond Henry (grad student)
Joseph Bagaka'sAdministration Education, Guidance and Counseling Education, Secondary Education, Behavioral Psychology
Susan L. BichselSocial Work, Clinical Psychology2001 Carl Rak (grad student)
Orion Biesan20102012 Amir M. Poreh (grad student)
Chief-Chen Bowen Industrial Organizational Research Program Janet K. Swim (grad student)
Amelia L. BradyTests and Measurements Education, Administration Education2008 Karl Wheatley (grad student)
Angel Ciccarelli Kathleen Reardon (grad student)
Gregory J. DeGirolamospatial cognition, navigational memory, cognitive aging, dynamic systems, dynamic field theory, healthy vs clinical neurocognitive aging Psychology20102012 Naohide Yamamoto (grad student)
Shondale DeloachEducational Psychology Education, Black Studies, African American Studies Psychology2012 Donna Schultheiss (grad student)
Cynthia A. DietrichTests and Measurements Education, Psychometrics Psychology, Special Education
Bernard J. DivisTests and Measurements Education, Psychometrics Psychology, Special Education2000 Cynthia A. Dietrich (grad student)
Ashutosh DixitMarketing Business Administration, Behavioral Psychology
Joshua M. EnglehartEducational Psychology Education, Social Psychology, Administration Education2006 Karl Wheatley (grad student)
Kurt William FarrellNeural Stem Cells, neurofibrillary tangle, extracellular matrix, microglia, Amyloid beta, PART Chemical and biomedical engineering20112016 Chandrasekhar R. Kothapalli (grad student)
Jeremy GenoveseSpeech Communication, Developmental Psychology, Higher Education, Educational Psychology Education
Allison E. Griesmercounseling psychology, clinical psychology, clinical child psychology Public Affairs and Education, Counseling Psychology Psychology20172022 Julia C Phillips (grad student), Ilya Yaroslavsky (grad student)
Nishka Gupta Kathleen Reardon (grad student)
Jessica L. HabermanClinical Psychology College of Education and Human Services2013 Kathie MacCluskie (grad student)
Rachel L. HatalaCurriculum and Instruction Education, Higher Education2002 Richard McArdle (grad student)
Raymond HenryManagement Business Administration, Information Science, Industrial Psychology
Robert S. HurleySemantics, Language
Joanna M. JarcDevelopmental Psychology, Personality Psychology2004 Carl Rak (grad student)
Katherine Judge
Benjamin W. KearneyClinical Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education2000 Frank O'Dell (grad student)
Heather Kirkwood-MazikMarketing Business Administration, Behavioral Psychology Monte Ahuja College of Business2014 Ashutosh Dixit (grad student)
Anne D. Kloos2000 Barbara K. Modney (grad student)
Maura L. KrestarSpoken word recognition College of Sciences and Health Professions2014 Conor T. McLennan (grad student)
Kathie MacCluskieClinical Psychology
Richard McArdleBusiness Education, Adult and Continuing Education, Behavioral Psychology
Tierra McClary Kathleen Reardon (grad student)
Conor T. McLennanSpoken word recognition
Barbara K. ModneyNeuroscience
Kayleigh J Nemethlanguage Psychology Robert S. Hurley (research assistant)
Frank O'DellClinical Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education
Christine M. PalumboLanguage and Literature Education, Educational Psychology Education, Guidance and Counseling Education2006 Carl Rak (grad student)
Julia C Phillips
Ashleen Pinto Kathleen Reardon (grad student)
Amir M. PorehNeuropsychology Russell Douglas Whitman (grad student)
Carl RakSocial Work, Clinical Psychology
Deborah L. SanoIndividual and Family Studies, Clinical Psychology, Guidance and Counseling Education2001 Carl Rak (grad student)
Lou SauerSocial Psychology, Cultural Anthropology, Ethnic and Racial Studies2002 Carl Rak (grad student)
Donna SchultheissCounseling Psychology
Darla L. SedlacekGuidance and Counseling Education, Social Psychology, Women's Studies2000 Carl Rak (grad student)
Nikunj Sharma20022007 Thomas Weimbs (grad student)
Evan G Sheltondementia, Alzheimer's disease, applied research Psychology Katherine Judge (grad student)
Elexis Spence Kathleen Reardon (grad student)
S. D. ThompsonClinical Psychology, Gerontology, Ethnic and Racial Studies, Guidance and Counseling Education2000 Carl Rak (grad student)
Samantha E. Tuft Psychology20132018 Conor T. McLennan (grad student)
Deborah A. WallaceAdministration Education, Guidance and Counseling Education, Secondary Education, Behavioral Psychology2002 Joseph Bagaka's (grad student)
Karl WheatleyEducational Psychology Education, Social Psychology, Administration Education
Naohide YamamotoSpatial Cognition, Navigation
Deborah G. ZawislanAdult and Continuing Education, Educational Psychology Education2004 Carl Rak (grad student)