Washington and Lee University

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Julie E. Horwitz Tyler S. Lorig (research assistant)
Dan R. Johnson Psychology Kirby Gilliland (grad student)
Julia Prey
A. V. Fallen
Amaura Gabriel Cope
David James Doobin20092011 Robert E. Stewart (research assistant)
Keaton A. Fletcher Wythe Lawler Whiting IV (research assistant)
Shannon Williams Sanders20062009 Tyler S. Lorig (research assistant)
Jennifer Peszka Tyler S. Lorig (research assistant)
Darlene A. MitranoAddiction, mesocorticolimbic anatomy, electron microscopy19982002 Robert E. Stewart (research assistant)
Grace E. StutzmannAlzhiemer's disease, calcium signaling Tyler S. Lorig (research assistant)
Wythe Lawler Whiting IVCognitive Aging Psychiatry20012003 David J. Madden (post-doc)
Chris Gaiteridynamical systems, gene networks Tyler S. Lorig (research assistant)
Damani N. Bryantestrogen, nongenomic signaling Leonard E. Jarrard (research assistant), Tyler S. Lorig (research assistant)
Cortney PattersonHistory of Psych, Developmental
Leonard E. JarrardLearning and Memory
Tyler S. LorigOlfaction, physiological testing, EEG analysis William Dragoin (research assistant)
Emily Malin LindleyPain19972000 Robert E. Stewart (research assistant)
Alex L. ShaboPsychology
Simon D. Levyrobotics, Vector Symbolic Architectures
Robert E. StewartSensory system development, taste system
Lauren Marie RudolphSNB, gonadal steroids20062008 Robert E. Stewart (research assistant)