Mayo Clinic, Rochester

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Mohammed Ali Alvispinal cord injury; neurosurgery; surgical outcomes research; big data; secondary data analysis; machine learning; stem cells in spinal cord injury; epilepsy surgery; evidence based medicine; glioblastoma; molecular profiling of nervous system tumors
Arthur Beyder Gastroenterology and Hepatology Gianrico Farrugia (grad student)
Mark R. BowerEpilepsy
Edmund Y. S. Chao Orthopaedics19711992 Mark Bingham Coventry (research scientist)
Mark Bingham Coventrytotal joint arthroplasty, cortisone therapy for joint injuries, prophylactic anticoagulation for pulmonary emboli, heterotopic ossification Orthopaedics19421955 Ralph Kalb Ghormley (post-doc)
J. Michele DoughertyRadiotherapy Physics
Gianrico Farrugia
Ralph Kalb Ghormley
Michael J. Moore Anthony J. Windebank (grad student), Michael J. Yaszemski (grad student)
Yanyan Qiu Jun-Xu Li (grad student)
Anthony J. Windebank
Michael B. Wood Orthopaedics19711974 Mark Bingham Coventry (post-doc)
Michael J. Yaszemski Neurology Ahad M. Siddiqui (collaborator)