Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Serapio Michael BacaSystems Neuroscience Bob G. Jacobs (research assistant)
Melissa D. Bauman Bob G. Jacobs (research assistant)
Jonathan P. BrittDrug Abuse19982002 Bob G. Jacobs (research assistant)
Sixuan ChenMental Representation, Spatial Navigation, Probability Psychology20182019 Lori L. Driscoll (research assistant)
Lori L. DriscollNeurobehavioral toxicology19931996 Bob G. Jacobs (research assistant)
Stacy L. ElmerNeurophilosophy19992004 Bob G. Jacobs (grad student)
Charles A. HassVision20042005 Bob G. Jacobs (research assistant)
Werner G. HeimGenetics
Kevin J. Holmescognitive science, language and thought, concepts
John M. HornerLearning
Rachel S JabailyBotany, phylogenetics, systematics, evolution
Jesse V. JacobsNeural control of posture wuth neurological disease or musculoskeletal injury19962000 Bob G. Jacobs (research assistant)
Bob G. JacobsNeuromorphology
Josh Kaplan20062008 Lori L. Driscoll (research assistant)
Hyowon LeeNeuroengineering, Electrophysiology, MEMS Bob G. Jacobs (research assistant)
Kara Marie LindstromClinical Neuroscience Bob G. Jacobs (research assistant)
Guido Meyer Bruce G. Wallace (post-doc)
Vivian Ota Wanggenomics, genetic counseling, neuropsychology, psychology Donald W. Shearn (research assistant), Werner G. Heim (research assistant)
Ashton Winfield PowellDevelopmental Neurobiology, Science Policy, Ethics, & Law19972000 Bob G. Jacobs (research assistant)
Sharon Bree SannDevelopment, Calcium signaling19972000 Bob G. Jacobs (research assistant)
Donald W. ShearnPhysiological Psychology Roland C. Davis (grad student)
Alec Graham SheffieldComputational Neuroscience Biology20142015 Darrell J. Killian (research assistant)
Michael A. TaffeSubstance Abuse, Cognition, MDMA, synthetic cathinones, marijuana19871990 John M. Horner (research assistant)
Steven J. Taylorsubterranean biology, conservation, ecology, taxonomy, amphipoda
Katherine E. (Katie) TravisLanguage Development, Neuromorphology20002003 Bob G. Jacobs (research assistant)
Mitch Turner