Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Michael BarresiAxon and Glial Guidance in the zebrafish forebrain Rolf O. Karlstrom (post-doc)
James Jerome GibsonEcological Psychology19281941 Kurt Koffka (post-doc)
Diego Andres Golombekchronobiology Mary E. Harrington (post-doc)
Casey Jack Guenthner Mary E. Harrington (research assistant)
Mary E. HarringtonChronobiology
Kurt Koffka
Cara E. SteppSpeech Motor Control, Rehabilitation Engineering, Voice Disorders20032004 Susan E. Voss (research assistant)
Dan M. Vahaba Annaliese K. Beery (post-doc)
Susan E. VossPeripheral Auditory System
Sarah B. WinokurMaternal Behavior, Postpartum Depression Neuroscience20132015 Annaliese K. Beery (research assistant)
Paola C. Yannielli Mary E. Harrington (post-doc)