The Salk Institute

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Ron S. BroideSensory and Motor Systems, botulinum toxin Larry W. Swanson (research assistant)
Christine Weber-FoxNeural systems for language processing Helen Neville (post-doc)
Carolina Borges-MerjaneSynaptic physiology Steve F. Heinemann (research assistant)
Constantina BakolitsaVision
Onanong Chivatakarnmotor axon guidance and development
Benjamin W. GallardaSpinal Cord Development
Martin Greschnerretinal neurophysiology
William A. AlaynickCPG, spinal cord, dopamine
Bartosz BalanaIon channels, Pharmacology, Neuroscience, protein interactions
Alan G. Watts19841990 Larry W. Swanson (post-doc)
Geoffrey T. SwansonGlutamate receptors, neuropharmacology19952001 Steve F. Heinemann (post-doc)