The Salk Institute

Name Area Department Start Year Stop Year Advisor
Alan G. Watts19841990 Larry W. Swanson (post-doc)
William A. AlaynickCPG, spinal cord, dopamine
Geoffrey T. SwansonGlutamate receptors, neuropharmacology19952001 Steve F. Heinemann (post-doc)
Bartosz BalanaIon channels, Pharmacology, Neuroscience, protein interactions
Onanong Chivatakarnmotor axon guidance and development
Christine Weber-FoxNeural systems for language processing Helen Neville (post-doc)
Martin Greschnerretinal neurophysiology
Ron S. BroideSensory and Motor Systems, botulinum toxin Larry W. Swanson (research assistant)
Benjamin W. GallardaSpinal Cord Development
Carolina Borges-MerjaneSynaptic physiology Steve F. Heinemann (research assistant)
Constantina BakolitsaVision